If you are searching for the best charter boat in Biloxi Mississippi, you have found the right place. Our deep sea fishing trips are always successful in bringing you fish, fun and lasting memories. The Whipasnapa is a 29ft. Sea Hunt open fisherman, with twin 250 Yamaha outboards to get you there fast. It can fish 6 people comfortably, with plenty of shade.
Our offshore fishing trips last 5-6 hours out to the barrier islands catching shark, cobia, bull red fish. This is our most popular trip due to the beautiful scenery and massive fish our happy customers bring in.
Inshore fishing trips last 3-4 hours around biloxi back bay fishing areas that focus on catching red fish, speckle trout, and flounder.
With our 9-10 hour trips we take you a long ways out to deep sea fish for tuna, red snapper, grouper, and king mackerel. These trips are always a blast and with record breaking potential at the bend of every pole.
How do we get such big fish and make all of our customers happy? The Whipasnapa is outfitted with the latest fish finding electronics, navigation, and has a seasoned veteran fisherman in Captain Robert Earl McDaniel.


A Word From The Captain

” I have enjoyed fishing and boating these beautiful Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico  waters all my life. So I know a lil bit about them and what it takes to spend a fun, safe, and productive day on the water.  I keep a large variety of bait fish (shrimp, croaker, pin fish, menhaden, etc) on hand for each trip so we always have fresh bait. I commercial fished a for years and still do  a lot of  tournament fishing. I’ve won several snapper, cobia, and king mackerel tournaments.  One thing for sure its one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done physically and mentally.. I still learn something new each and every day on the water…So keep a sharp hook, keep it in the water and look above giving thanks for all the great blessings. May God bless you!”



Fall fishing along the Mississippi coast is awesome!!!! 9-6-2014
First I, Robert Earl McDaniel Captain of the Whipasnapa Charter Boat out of Biloxi Mississippi, would like to take a min. too thank all my great friends who have fished with me over the years. This year has been absolutely amazing. Mostly from friends telling friends about us!!! Since early May we’ve pretty much been on the water every day. Good times for sure !! We’ve had some super fine folks through here over the years!! Many friends return year after year and I thank y’all so very much!! Some of those coming in and spending a whole week with us!! Trying at least one day of each trip we offer, and two of some. Boy do they take home the fish.for more on the story click on link….       http://www.whipasnapacharters.com/fishing-reports 




2reds and 1smile

Spring break starts and it’s hot!!! 3-23-15

Mother Nature and Whipasnapa Charters has welcomed many spring breakers to South Mississippi..Love being on the water daily and seeing people enjoy themselves.. Record high temperatures awaited the coast visitors this year.. Plenty of sunshine, calm winds along with good tides. Just what this old captain likes..A good flushing rain early March ran a lot …

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It’s time to get in fish mode!!! 2-01-15

The Biloxi Mississippi Charter Boat captained and owned by Robert Earl McDaniel is sitting on ready. As I sit here in the lazy boy February 1,2015, waiting on Super Bowl between two teams I really don’t like. Figure I’d give ya’ll a lil heads up!! Just received my big hook, line and sinker order..a few …

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