A Rig Fishing we will go!!!

That’s right its official, finally got in a Big Water Adventure under our belt. The Biloxi,Ms. Charter Boat Whipasnapa just don’t really feel like we allin till we get that 1st big rig trip in. Early week, Mr. English Mike and some buds decided they want some rig donkeys. Now o’l English Mike he’s retired an just loves his time on the Whipasnapa. He likes to go at least once a month and think if I could get him on the boat he would go 2 or 3 times a month. Now he is very passionate about his boating. Now he loves fishing as well as catching a few of the smaller things that lurk out around the rigs, mackerel, triggers, hard tails, the smaller snappers etc…but when its got jack or sow in the name he wants no part of it. Just as he goes to drop his bait he looks over an smiles an says Capt. you promise that a Jack are asow isn’t going to get this!! (I just lol) He dang sure don’t mind if they get on someone else’s hook!!! Sometimes if he don’t trust me I will look over an his bait won’t even be in the water!!! He will just sit there an smile as the other guys yank, pull, stomp,and cuss as they wrestle the rig donkeys (freight train, sobs, an many other adjective as the amberjack are called). One of the beast will do ya, 2,3,4 you might start to wander if this is really fun or not. Man they were thick on this particular rig, every time a live hard tail was dropped it was engulfed by a very hungry an mean Amberjack! A great round of tug of wars, with each angler having his own technique, an of course his own descriptive adjectives to persuade the rig donkey to give up!!! 🙂 We really hit the hard tails an Spanish mackerel at the 1st stop around the 108 some 50 miles an the amberjack around 270 some 65 miles!!!
On the way in, went over to check on a few snapper and I must say I thought they were going to take over the boat. Big, hungry and mean!!!! Basically out of three rigs we stopped at trying to get down for some the big white trout, or lane an white snapper was just nothappening!!! When a bait headed towards the bottom it was snagged up (by the very hungry red snapper) before it would make it 20 ft. down!!!
Inshore mid week we struggled in the bay, winds were up a little much to make it to the island as a lot of the fish have started their migration spawning. But with strong north wind, neap tides, and no live shrimp, we struggled to put together any numbers. Managed a few fish each trip but worked hard an had to stay patient an keep our positive attitude. Later in the week, the bite picked up pretty good!! Quiet a few reds, black drum, and flounders as the live bait an tides picked up, of course so did the Bite. I like to get March out of the way!! Seems like every March I will have a few slow days an I know I’m suppose to be able to catch fish anytime anywhere with anybody an I will stick to it an keep learning an maybe just one day I will!!! Keep your head up, tight line an hook in the water an let the good times roll!!!! o by the way if you want to go Snapper fishing with us I only have a very few days left>> June 1st is the opening date an July 15 is the projected closing date!!! Don’t forget them COBIA are on there way as well!! ok got a bite got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Go Fishing!!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel