Fall King an Cobia Action is on fire!

The Mississippi Fall return migration of the highly sought after Cobia is looking to be very promising an of course the Biloxi, Ms. charter boat Whipasnapa is Filling the Box!!! Several trips the last couple weeks have just nailed the BIG King Mackerel. An when that drag goes to ripping at some 50MPH not only does it light up the reel, it sure pulls out them :}s. Just automatic (I guess) them drags screaming out just lights up a face.. They hit at a high rate of speed an bout all you can do is just hold on till he decides to slow down an give up a min, then bout half way in they make yet another dash (hold on)..
Been stopping loading up on some 30 are so super fine white trout in about an houror so.. That’s been the bait of choice for sure. The BIG king and the cobia have really been eating up the white trout.. The cobia for the most part have all been fairly small most in the 20lb range, but lots of fun. Couple of the trips brought home 6 to 8, some just 2 to 4 but of course with all fishing trips you gonna to miss a few. They are really a blast to catch a lot because most of the time you see the fish 1st, and feed it a bait. Sometimes (well several times) it is like 4 are 5 fish that comes up chasing another fish trying to eat the bait. Then that’s when you can (if ready ) hook up multiple fish, and really get the excitement flowing!!!
Several of the cobia and the kings have come from the island chain buoys and the rest just offshore either behind shrimp boats or rigs some 15 to 20 miles beyond the islands.. The Blue Water was in really close the past few weeks really pretty water.Flying fish an all close to the island close as I’ve seen.. Lots of Jacks, Bonito an some the super charged shark have added to the fun as well..
Inshore a strong bite on drum blacks, reds with a few flounder, sheepshead an really nice trout filling the box.. The weather has been absolutely ideal for some great boating for sure..
Anyway short an sweet the weather is right an the fish bite is strong still filling the box so get yourself aboard the WhipaSnapa and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel