Fishing is a struggle sometimes!!!

Early week Beth and Dale Deerman from Wisconsin were visiting South Mississippi in hopes of doing some deep sea fishing aboard the Whipasnapa Charter Boat!!!! Mother Nature seems to be holding on to old man winter with everything she’s got tho. We had a 3 day window to go but seas were never under 6 ft. therefore inshore would have to be the game.
Fishing was strong for the most part early part of the week. There were times where it would turn on then would be lil slow then on again. Sometimes the same spot would turn back on, sometimes we would have to move down a little. We fished around the structure of the old bridges and power lines and just a couple reds but the 4 to 8 lb black drum was hitting good. Some on fresh dead some on lively live.. Them black drum on light tackle as good as it gets. They also make pretty dang good table fare as well. Ms. Beth caught a couple flounder, which is the one fish she really wanted to catch. they took a flounder she caught , along with a few other fish over to CJ’s seafood house. The couple said the fish and the broiled oysters topped with artichoke an crab meat was the best meal they had all week. She said we wouldn’t talk about the one I missed with the net as she was trying to fling it aboard.:)
Friday we got monsooned. About 10 inches of rain fell from Friday morning to early Saturday morning making the hunt for a good fight kinda tough the first 3 hours Saturday morning. We looked and we looked and we looked. finally we found a hot spot,and we scored. All sheepshead but the light tackle spin cast were torqued out. Drags we’re smoking andthe Texas guest were finally smiling. Sunday morning a beeline to that spot produced well nothing. So we were back on the hunt, we made about three moves before the excitement was found again.
We had anchored on the end of a submerged rock Getty. Not to far from the other hot spot seems the influx of fresh water had not made it to this particular area yet. The first cast, 2nd cast and 3rd cast all produced some really nice sheepshead. We were fishing live shrimp, Carolina rigged with a short light fluorocarbon leader. A small 1/8 oz. sinker was just enough to allow us to fish across the rocks withouthanging up. We did hang up and broke off a few fish but for the most part we were fairly successful. The fish were averaging a good 5 to 8 lb. So yet again our guest from Florida this time were smiling and high fiving. They were celebrating with a few bud lights also. Bout run out of beer they got so excited.. We finally decided to leave some for tomorrow and called it a day..
April is cobia month people so moan down let’s go chum the bar see how many 60, 80s or maybe a hundred pounder or 2 can be body slammed on the Whipasnapa.. Don’t miss the boat it’s getting good I’m justglad to say good by March!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel