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Summer to fall Gulf of Mexico fishing!!!

The Best Biloxi Ms.Charter fishing boat Whipasnapa lands another banner fishing year!!!!’ We started business in 2002 so getting about 13 good charter years under our belt.. Thought I was a pretty good fishermen some 15yrs ago but it amazes me the things I’ve learned the last 12years.. & still learning.. It’s always a challenge to take people who only have dreams & very limited fishing experience of catching BIG fish & actually taking them out & consistently put quality fishing trips together on a daily bases.. But we really fish here…We’re  not trollers your actually fishing…  Really have to cast put bait on set the hook tighten the drags jerk pull up reel down.. All that stuff feel what you fishing with.. Good ol actual fishing..    The fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is second to none as far as I know!!;) When you combine a great fisheries such as the Gulf of Mexico & Mississippi sound w/ a fish magnet like Whipasnapa & a born & raised ole back bay captain the fish box has a tendency to runneth over, a lot!!!  Ok all bs aside!!’:) Don’t guess I’ve reported since at least the beginning of the 2015 red snapper season..Just been way too busy..  We had some really great catches of red snapper w/a limit of nice red snapper each trip. Most averaging 12 -15lb the biggest around 25,several in the 19 20 lb range!’ The vermilion snapper & mangrove snapper also added to the fun & meatbox totals.. The red snapper were caught using usually a 4/0 or 6/0 reel,spooled w/some 60 80 lb mono backing w/ the top 200ft or so spooled w/ 250lb power pro … A HUGE chunk of fresh dead Bonita, jack

Summer to fall Gulf of Mexico fishing!!! 08-30-2015

The Best Biloxi, Mississippi Charter fishing boat Whipasnapa lands another banner fishing year!!!! We started business in 2002 so getting about 13 good charter years under our belt.. Thought I was a pretty good fishermen some 15 yrs ago but it amazes me the things I’ve learned the last 12 years..& still learning.. It’s IMG_20150829_113934always a very uplifting rewarding challenge to take people who only have dreams & very limited fishing experience of catching BIG fish & actually taking them out & consistently put quality fishing trips together on a daily bases.. But we really fish here…We’re not “trolling” your actually fishing… Really have to cast, put bait on, set the hook, tighten the drags, pull up reel down.. All that stuff, feel what you fishing with.. Good ol actual fishing..The smiles and high fives and thank you’s make it the best….I still get excited the night before when out rigging weapons and baiting up for the following mornings fishing adventure.

The fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is second to none as far as I know!!;) WhKIMG0423en you combine a great fisheries such as the Gulf of Mexico & Mississippi sound w/ a fish magnet like Whipasnapa & a born & raised ole back bay captain the fish box has a tendency to runneth over, a lot!!!
Ok all bs aside!!’:) Don’t guess I’ve reported since at least the beginning of the 2015 red snapper season..Just been way too busy.. We had some really great catches of red snapper w/a limit of nice red snapper each trip. Most averaging 12-15 lb the biggest around 25, several in the 19-20 lb range! The vermilion snapper & mangrove snapper also added to the fun & meat box totals.. The red snapper were caught using usually a 4/0 or 6/0 reel,spooled w/some 60-80 lb mono backing w/ the top 200 ft or so spooled w/ 250 lb power pro … A HUGE chunk of fresh dead Bonita, jack, hard tail & or the poggie of course is generally best bait.. Terminal Tackle being usually a 12/0 or so circle hook & bout 8 oz sinker either Carolina rigged w/ about a 3 ft. leader of 150 lb mono or drop shoted w/ sinker on bottomnice sow red snapper hook a couple ft. above.. Dropped usually all the way to bottom. The vermilion and mangrove were usually in the top 50 ft of the water column and run a bit smaller, then the red snapper… They were brought topside w/a small spin cast backed w/ 16 lb mono and 30 lb braid rigged w/ small no.1 hook & couple oz sinker, a small piece of squid or cut bait.. Then bammm pulll cause they still know how to find a rig leg just like the ol wise red snapper!! A few kings, cobia, groupers were escorted mainland by ol Whipasnapa too.. . ‘A few real nice Warsaw groupers, one weighing 66 lb… Added to the KIMG0394excitement!!! A fine red snapper season for sure!! Just my opinion I wish they would separate the red snapper season into 2 seasons one in May-June another in September-October and this would help the charter industry tremendously @ least the ones that do red snapper & let us know the seasons regardless of when @ least the beginning of the year & not wait till May to let us know!!’
Since the middle of July the 6 hr. combo trip has been in VERY high demand & hot hot hot… Really a good lil trip 2 hrs or so inshore then venture off out around the island for some shrimp boat running or wreck fishing & chumming for the sharks,cobia,bull reds etc.. The drags & friends get a pretty good work out on this trip especially messing with them BIG sharks! They are fun to catch & pretty good off the grill as well.. But they don’t give up easily, that’s for sure!! The 4 hr. Inshore is just action packed w/ hardly any riding time & about a fish a min. The forearms & wrist get sore pulling in all the Reds,trout and black drum etc!!KIMG0451
Just don’t forget that some of the best fishing has yet to come.. So call your favorite captain & get on a boat!’ The cobia return migration is fixing to get hot through November.. The amberjack offshore trips get very good as well & w/ all the mangrove,white,vermilion snappers and groupers etc… you can really fill the freezer w/ some mighty fine eating! Have a lot of fun in the process!! So get you a party together. If having trouble getting a crew together call us we always have a few local guys or gals chomping @ the bit to pitch in and get out there! Anyway folks thank ya’ll so much for all the continued support.

Who dat & God bless
Capt Earl McDaniel

Fishing is Red HOT as in Red Snapper HOT!! 6-8-2015

Fishing fever has hit and so are the snapper!!! Too busy for reporting but will keep y’all updated with pictures of our great sow snapper catches along with all the other great fish out there amberjack, sharks, kings, cobia and many many more. good haul of red snapper grouper Mickey Red Snapper mickeys jack

More Red Snapper days and Cobia finally arriving makes for a happy Captain!! 04-19-2015

The Biloxi, Mississippi Charter Boat Whipasnapa & it’s Captain Earl, sure love when them

Daniel redcobia(LEMON FISH)start slamming the deck!!!  We had a really good week catching 5 in like 3 days. No big fish but enough to bring them smiles & high fives out!!!  (Biggest around 33 lb – smallest 18 lb..)IMG_0023        The last few weeks we been running quite a few Inshore Island Combos averaging about 6 hr.. & with a really strong bite on the red fish & black drums on the way out around the bridges. The Whipasnapa meat table has been filling up for sure…For catching the red fish and black drum I  like a plain jig head 1/2 oz or so w/ a nice size dead shrimp broke in half making 2 baits. I’ll always choose the head section first as it just seem both the red fish and black drum  like the head section best.. Must be laid right on the bottom tho. Once its pick up a quick firm hook set must follow.. Then hold on, quite the battle on the light tackle poles…  The white trout, ground mullet & croakers have been consistent on the reefs too… For  them  I prefer a drop rig w/a sinker on bottom and a very small hook about 8 to 10 in above it!! Small pieces of shrimp, cut bait or squid will get this done.. . Most of these guys get feed to the bigger fishes tho!! Don’t get me wrong they are some of the finest frying fish that we have!!! Of course there’s always a few left over to  hit lake crisco…
The bar outside of Horn Island has been the hot spot for the Barrier Island trips… anchoring in bout 10 ft..  of  water & running some hundred lb or 2 of menhaden through the chompers.. Creating the chum, & they shall come, chum line.. I generally put out about 10 lines, couple on balloons, one long one short. 2 or 3 on 5 oz. sinkers carolina rigged usually bigger baits catfish, white trout etc., 2 or 3 on 2 oz sinkers usually smaller baits croakers,  cut IMG_0017menhaden etc,,Staggered & Scattered out some 30 to 50 ft. behind the boat. Last but not least  2 or so 1/2 or 1 oz. sinkers and 1 or 2  just free lined (no weight) eels,croakers, pinfish, spots etc..  dropped right under the boat just under the chum churn… That’s the sweet spot!!! 🙂 (at least for the cobia)
When we start chumming seems the lil Atlantic sharp nose sharks show up first… Then some of the bigger sharks, black tips & spinners show. Then the big bull red fish usually show  and when things get kinda get quite and you start wandering whats next,  the ole cobia show.. Boom their she is, right there eating chum right out the chum churn..That’s when  all heck breaks loose!!! Give me a jig, give me a free line, give me something, o shift he eat it>>> 🙂 And no matter the experience, or origin of the angler.. When that  cobia (lemon fish)is finally brought boat side, gaffed and hits the deck, they all have them big ole smiles and looking around for somebody to high five!!! (IN THE BOX BABY)!!!!!!
IMG_0025       Then the rains came:(.. Shooweee did they come.. Boy the Ms. Gulf Coast has been a lil soggy lately to say the least.. Some 10 to 12 inches fell last week>>>However; the water outside the Islands still looks pretty good. Water inside; well it looks more like something out of a coffee or tea jug!!! Not so pretty!! Which we’ve never had pretty water anyway. It’s fresh tho, not good for saltwater fish..However we’ve got some pretty strong tides coming up and if we don’t get anymore rain things should get back to normal fairly quickly!!!

      I know some of my hardcore rig fishermen are waiting on a report from the big water but man I just ain’t got one… I’ve never been this long into the year without getting a rig trip in by now… But Mother Nature just hasn’t cooperated when I’ve had those trips booked!! Even had a couple local folks try to team up w/ some individuals on the Whipasnapa & tried the spare of the moment redadventuress when the forecast was suppose to be nice..but they lied (Still no go)… I’m so ready tho…

  10531068_813807235345981_1450059535_n           The Gulf Council has changed up the snapper seasons some what  this year. Which is suppose to help us folks trying to make a living out in the Gulf Of Mexico.. It’s suppose to give us approximately 45 days starting June1st. So for all you red snapper lovers you need to call & get on the books!!! For those of you  that know how many other fish are out there other then them dang 2 red snapper we need you too!!! Cobia, king mackerel, (The make you cuss)mangrove snapper,all the other snapper (lane, vermillion, white) the everlasting (make you cuss)  reef donkeys ( amberjack )!! Sure would love to get out on a few more tuna adventures as well.. Y’all come on, no matter what wild side forked tail adventure your soul desires… Just remember if it swims & pulls  your string ole Captain  Robert Earl McDaniel knows how to put you on them>>

Spring break starts and it’s hot!!! 3-23-15

pretty sightsMother Nature and Whipasnapa Charters has welcomed many spring breakers to South Mississippi..Love being on the water daily and seeing people enjoy themselves.. Record high temperatures awaited the coast visitors this year.. Plenty of sunshine, calm winds along with good tides. Just what this old captain likes..A good flushing rain early March ran a lot of fish out of the rivers back down to the bays. Spots where the ol Whipasnapa could get to Them.. That’s just what we been doing too!! Folks from North Carolina, Iowa, Chicago, Mississippi and who knows where has put together some pretty good messes!! a few catch and release, some keeping just a few for the local eateries to prepare.. As the water temperatures have warmed to 70 degrees, it brings all the fish like white trout, ground mullet, flounder,slabs up croakers, speckle trout, shark, and a whole lot more out of hiding… As the long winters make them ready to eat up, when they start showing up..As most are going into their spawning season…
Around the bridges have been strong on the drums(red & black), a few speck and several flounders as well!!! The reefs have started producing good numbers along with nice size ground mullet, white trout and croakers… We finally started adventuring offshore a lil too!! The big bull reds, small sharks and sting rays have been consistent on the chumming trips just south of the barrier islands!!! Fresh dead shrimp has been bait of choice for most of the inshore fish with a few of the flounder and reds hitting live shrimp… Live shrimp have been pretty plentiful but with all the rains have probably run off the white 2reds and 1smileshrimp so might be a couple weeks before the brown shrimp show up!! Live croakers white trout ground mullet have been the the ticket on the chumming trips!!!
Still waiting on the 1st cobia aka–lemon fish and some of the bigger black tips and spinner sharks to show but if the weather stays close to what it’s been it won’t be much longer!! I’m still chomping at the bit to get offshore to the oil rigs as well.
Can’t believe it is mid March and still haven’t made it to the oil rigs yet!! I lost a few chances due to weather, and have a couple lined up this week so just maybe it will happen soon and I can cure this extreme itch to get out yonder to them sure nuff biguns!!! Amberjacks, grouper, mangroves, mackerel, etc… All those fast paced, hard fighting, great eating fish have surely got to be missing me and starving to death.. I’m definitely ready to get those great games of tug of crabs and shrimp readywar going and holler “Pull Up Reel Down”!!!!
Any way folks I’ll report back in a couple weeks with a good cobia report about what’s going out in the blue water as well but for now you should probably call ol Captain Robert “Earl” McDaniel of the Biloxi, Ms based charter boat Whipasnapa and get on the boat!!!! Peace and tight lines

It’s time to get in fish mode!!! 2-01-15

The Biloxi Mississippi Charter Boat captained and owned by Robert Earl McDaniel is sitting on ready. As I sit here in the lazy boy February 1,2015, waiting on Super Bowl between two teams I IMG_5322really don’t like. Figure I’d give ya’ll a lil heads up!! Just received my big hook, line and sinker order..a few of the weapons back from the repair shop.. Weather has been pretty nice so needless to say I’m getting that fever!!! Chomping @ the bit to say the least!!!IMG_0473
As we get started kicking off yet another great year aboard the WHIPASNAPA I would like to thank everyone for the confidence ya’ll have in my ability to consistently to do my best and have a safe enjoyable productive day on a boat!!
The sheepshead, reds and black drum have been a lot of fun through the winter months thus far and will continue through March or so!! Crabby’s Bait Shop of D’iberville has kept a good supply of nice hydro shrimp!!! A couple the trips the sheepshead were on fire. Just as fast as the shrimp reached bottom..BOOM… The sheepshead averaging a strong 5 lb several in that 7-8 lb range and can really test the drag on the light tackle spin cast!! Lots of fun, really pull out them :)!!!! Prepared properly they are fine table fare!!! Found a BIG ole school of Reds stacked up on some of the old highway 90 bridge structure as well!!! They are averaging in the 16 to 18″ mark w/ a few going 24″ish but just as quick as it hit bottom…BOOM it was on!!! Another fun and great eating fish!! The black drum as always(or prob the most consistent year round inshore fish) 99% of the time they will always come through fishing the old and new bridge!! Fresh dead shrimp on these guys tho!!! They do get lil bigger as several 30 lbers can be hooked and landed on the lil spin cast!!! Fun for sure!!!IMG_0476
For the lil more adventuress hard core folks well the Amberjack, tuna, grouper, mangrove snapper etc awaits!!! Now you talking about getting your string stretched them ole forked tails right there will put it on you!! Man up, pull up reel down, if you can!! O I bet they out there hollering throw me something mister or misses!! I dare you!!! Ha ha lets go get’m I’m ready!!!
Amberjack will be open till at least June, maybe!!! The Red Snapper should open June 1 but is still undetermined how many days we will get, but I will let y’all know as soon as I find out!!! I’m hoping at least the whole month of June. Maybe 2 smaller seasons, really would like to see a few days in October again!!!
The Cobia,aka lemon fish, brownies what ever you like to call them show up around end of March 1st of April!! That’s when we can catch them around the barrier islands till mid Mayish then mostly offshore w/ a few still hanging around the islands!!!
The big bull reds can be chummed up or sight casted too out around the islands right now!! Anyway folks hunting seasons over football seasons over so let’s get on a boat and go get some fun String therapy it’s good for the soul!!! Moan lets go!!IMG_0477
Book your trips early so to get your day or days reserved for you!!! Also if you don’t have a crew or just a couple call or text or email and get on our reserve list and when I get enough we can go get your thrill of a lifetime hooked up…The offshore trips usually averages(starting) $200, the inshore averages(starting) $100 per person!! Which is not bad for a day aboard the world famous highly enjoyable, successful WhipaSnapa Charter Boat out of Biloxi, Ms!!! from backwater to blue water we catch’m all!!!

Cobia, ling, lemon fish, brownies are here!!

No matter what you like to call them they have arrived along the shores of the barrier islands off the Mississippi coast!! The Biloxi Mississippi Charter boat Whipasnapa of course has been in hot pursuit of the most sought after sport fish in the Gulf of Mexico!!!

We started off the early week doing the light tackle thing. Mr. Baker, my buddy from Georgia, was in and yet again I put it on him pretty dang good. He come up with this lame story about his leg an back hurting. And it was hope you get to feeling better soon!! Really it was a little slow but we did manage a descent mess of fish each day. Nothing spectacular, but there was a time we were out by the bridge Mr. Baker said “Earl you member that time we were somewhere right in here and I hooked that ol BIG fish and I fought him for bout 30min. and the hook come untied??” Well bout that time I hooked ol BiG fish again an was polite enough to hand it over to him for a rematch. He was fighting an a smiling an talking that trash he likes to talk and it happened. Pole went limp and the fish was off!! Well he looked at me all googly eyed said “Earl the damn hook come untied AGAIN!! Mr. Baker that hook did not come untied this time or last, you can quit talking that noise!!” Sure Nuff pulled it up an there was the hook. Fish probably a huge red or black drum had just thrown the hook. Wouldn’t have been so bad if it didn’t happen like 3 times in about 30min.. Not sure what the deal was but the big 1’s got away!!! Another good ol Georgia guy was in Friday and of course I put it on him too!! Naw just messing we caught some good reds an black drum for half the trip then they just quit biting. We kept on trying but it happens!!! Good times tho. For sure!!!

Now for the good stuff! The weekend was all about the cobia. The Cox family from Alabama was in with a goal of catching atleast one cobia. He had been several times an had even hooked a couple but had yet to land one. We started off taking a hour or so catching plenty of baits. The lil wormy shark have been pretty bad on the chumming trips. So load up on the baits!!! Once we made it to the bar it didn’t take but about 30 min an fish on.. Yes a nice cobia was on the hook. Yea haw!! First of the 2014 cobia bar season was on. Yeah baby!!! Now Hooking these fish can be the easy part. Getting them in the boat can be quite challenging to say the least.. After a few laps around the boat through the maze of poles an just trying to stay up right and in the boat with the 3 to 4 ft seas an not so good sea legs. The 55 pounder was brought aboard ol Whipasnapa clubbed between the eyes and in the box. Life is good, Mission accomplished!! The crew finished with 3 cobia and a fat king plus some sharks!!

Sunday morning we got a lil earlier start and was really excited. Live well full of croaker, white trout and catfish. After the 3 cobia and a fat king Saturday just knowing they were here you feel pretty good knowing it can happen @ any time!! Well for the first 2hrs. Nothing but a BUNCH of wormies.. Was starting to worry a little cause the water was kinda muddy. (A lot muddier than Saturday.) We could see a water line approaching tho from the east an we were about 2hrs. earlier than Saturday so I just knew when that water line made it to us, it was going to be on!! It was hard to describe without being there. When that water line passed about 10 minutes later the it hit the fan!! We had like 3 cobia on and a king at one time. I think a jack even come through and nailed yet another pole. I just cut the line on that one!! To say things got hectic would be an understatement!! But with some excellent team work we boated all of them!! Two of the cobia were 54 and 59.. Quite exciting, stressful ol Austin said.. For about two hours after that water line passed through there were a lot of fish brought aboard ol Whipasnapa. Body slammed, busted between the eyes and in the box!! Actually the box started running over an most of you know I have a pretty dang big box!!! Long story short they here an want last long, about a month then we will have to get them out at the rigs!!! Chumming can be a blast, so moan down getchuall some!! Thanks guys an gals for all the great south Mississippi boating adventures!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel

Chumming it up!!

Chomping them pogey’s up!!! I’m not going to go into great detail. Actually, I did but as I was about done I accidentally hit the undo button, it went bye bye!!! So I’m tired an agitated now!!! Biloxi Ms. Charter boat Whipasnapa Charters pretty much been hitting the croakers, white trout, catfish, etc for a hour or so then to the island we go!! A few cobia, but somewhat of a hit an miss. Not been reel good we were like 2 for five!! YeahI know we started out 11 for 11. Then just got in a lil slump!! This and that!! Not to change the subject but Reds have been strong on bout every stop!! Several big reds entertained us!!! So did some them huge blacktips and spinners. I don’t mind tho as long as we catching something!!! But boy a few back 2 back battles with a few of them big sharks and you’ll start looking for someone else to hand the rod to. Anyway we gone get our chum on for another week or two!! Join us for a day or two and let’s getcha string stretched!!!.Cobia will hang another few weeks red stay strong, sharks stay strong. Inshore trout red and flounder should heat on up as well.

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel

Hitting the red fish at the Barrier Islands !!

Not sure where to start talking about all the good times had aboard the Biloxi, Ms. Deep sea fishing charter boat Whipasnapa this week. First things first I guess, early week we hit the sheepshead real good. The lovely couple from Ohio wore them out. For about 3hrs they were hitting it hard. Erika and Tim where beginners but had it down pat by the end. The light tackle spin outfit might need overhauling after that trip. We stopped on our way out and made a few drops on the bridge structure and the big speckle trout were hitting pretty good too. The crew was not keeping fish so it was a catch and release day. They did decide to keep about 4 fish to have a lil cookout with some friends.
That was the last pretty day this week that’s for sure. My goodness, them winds went to blowing and wouldn’t stop. Sometimes just got to take what Mother Nature gives you or stay home on the couch. It was a strong SE wind which is what we start looking for this time of year. That’s the winds that makes our transition from winter to spring, starts pushing all the pretty blue water in as well, the cobia (lemon fish) and many other species of fish. Birds too, we have seen a bunch of hummingbirds fly up over the boat this week as well.
Run all six hour trips after Monday. Usually the 6 hour is an hour or 2 catching trout, ground mullet croakers an such. The reef fish showed up pretty dang good this week . Nice stopping on the reef for an hour or so and having a large variety of bait especially those that can be filleted and dipped in Crisco as well. Nice size white trout, croaker and super charged ground mullet filled the live well. The big ground mullet was the bait these bull reds were hunting. Just about every one of the red drum this week hit the ground mullet, the lil small sharks would bite the croakers in half. We were catching a good 6 or so red drum every day. Several sharks too, mostly the Atlantic sharp nose but a few black tips did show up to. The reds were averaging a strong 23 to 27 lb.
Each day seemed to get a lil better after putting all that chum out for 4 or 5 days the action really heated up by the end of the week. Red Drum are really fun to catch on medium tackle on anchor chumming’ up. A lot of the crews had never caught a fish of any kind so they were very impressed. We had some seasoned veterans that were just as pleased catching the big reds. Good times for sure even tho the weather was not ideal especially when it turned out of the north and north east with some rain throwed in. (Burr!!!!!) But with the boats loaded with good ol outdoors men an women a good time can be had.
We were chumming in 30ft of water using Carolina rigged medium tackle Daiwa reels spooled with 60lb test. Bout a 4oz egg sinker, 7/0 hook, kinda short leader (80 to 100lb test) for the reds. I like to keep it under 2ft. You have to hook the bait fish up through the nose so when their sitting out there searching for a monster fish to eat them the current won’t kill them. If you hook them in the tail the current will run through their gills and kill them. However, you must remember most all fish eat their pray head first. That means you must give them time to grab the bait swim off and turn it around. Then lock load let line get good and tight then a stiff hook set and hold on.. Ok enough of the secrets…..for the rest of the story you need to GET ON THE BOAT!!!! SO COME ON DOWN, load up and lets go get’m…

Thanks for all the great boating excursions, keep your line tight, and pull up reel down!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel