Good Quality Boating Fun Times! :)

The Biloxi, Ms. Charter Boat WhipaSnapa had some fine guest in the past few days, from Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin,an Michigan. Thank goodness they are attracted to our nice mild, rainy, windy, cold, thundering and lighting kinda weather and that’s all in one day. (crazy weather)
Mr. Rod Ingram was in, as him an his wife were interested in checking out a lil of the Mardi Gras festivities. But, she decided it was a lil to cold, windy and rainy for her to do the boating thing. Mr. Rod an I decided to give it a whirl. First spot was slow, think in about 30 min’s we squeezed out about four misses an one sheep. (so lets boogie) We were a lil hesitant to get to far from cover, as the skies were threating rain. But a nice honey hole was awaiting as we slipped over to the stumps off the end of Goat Island. We sat there an kept a pretty dang steady action of bent rods and smiling Rod as well. Mr. Rod always thinks he can pull off the ol Bay Slam of red fish, speckle trout, flounder, and sheepshead. (and he did :)!)
Mr. Jim visited from Michigan a couple days later, and lil better conditions for a few min’s. Yeah, he just wanted to fish a couple hours, so we went straight over to where Mr. Rod had the luck a few days prior. (An they were on)! Several reds lots of the 16-20in reds but a couple of the brutes (30in) were boated. A couple brutes managed to free themselves as they musta got up against the o so many snags in this spot. (But it is very fishy) Just got about 2 hours in before the weather ran us back to cover. But a dozen or so
tug of wars with the reds and prob that many battles with the sheep’s and one flounder.
Bruce and Earl brother team from Indiana and Minnesota, boarded the Whipasnapa with finally a nice sun shiny day!! We went up the bay first to try few trout. We found a few but they were just to small. So we bobbed around to a few spots and picked up a reel nice flounder and a don’t lift him out the water (to late flounder) and couple sheep’s. Then we made it over to the honey hole. I throwed the cork line out an handed it to Mr. Bruce and as I looked the cork vanished an Mr. Bruce was putting the hammer down musta throwed it in his mouth. A super dupper speckle trout was a splish splashin an breaking all kinda water jukin and jivin from side to side, as Mr. Bruce shared his excitement with his brother an I. The team kept a slam an brought up to Mr. CJ who introduced the slam to some of his lip smacking recipes. The team said greatest fish and trip captain. Damn I hate when that happens!!! 🙂
Weather a lil rainy, windy, sleetee, cold, one minute an sunny an beautiful the next. But like fishing (an bout anything else) lil patience an let the Good Times Roll!
Peace and Hair Grease till we hook’em up again keep a tight line!!!!!!

Let’s Go Fishing!!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel