Hitting the red fish at the Barrier Islands !!

Not sure where to start talking about all the good times had aboard the Biloxi, Ms. Deep sea fishing charter boat Whipasnapa this week. First things first I guess, early week we hit the sheepshead real good. The lovely couple from Ohio wore them out. For about 3hrs they were hitting it hard. Erika and Tim where beginners but had it down pat by the end. The light tackle spin outfit might need overhauling after that trip. We stopped on our way out and made a few drops on the bridge structure and the big speckle trout were hitting pretty good too. The crew was not keeping fish so it was a catch and release day. They did decide to keep about 4 fish to have a lil cookout with some friends.
That was the last pretty day this week that’s for sure. My goodness, them winds went to blowing and wouldn’t stop. Sometimes just got to take what Mother Nature gives you or stay home on the couch. It was a strong SE wind which is what we start looking for this time of year. That’s the winds that makes our transition from winter to spring, starts pushing all the pretty blue water in as well, the cobia (lemon fish) and many other species of fish. Birds too, we have seen a bunch of hummingbirds fly up over the boat this week as well.
Run all six hour trips after Monday. Usually the 6 hour is an hour or 2 catching trout, ground mullet croakers an such. The reef fish showed up pretty dang good this week . Nice stopping on the reef for an hour or so and having a large variety of bait especially those that can be filleted and dipped in Crisco as well. Nice size white trout, croaker and super charged ground mullet filled the live well. The big ground mullet was the bait these bull reds were hunting. Just about every one of the red drum this week hit the ground mullet, the lil small sharks would bite the croakers in half. We were catching a good 6 or so red drum every day. Several sharks too, mostly the Atlantic sharp nose but a few black tips did show up to. The reds were averaging a strong 23 to 27 lb.
Each day seemed to get a lil better after putting all that chum out for 4 or 5 days the action really heated up by the end of the week. Red Drum are really fun to catch on medium tackle on anchor chumming’ up. A lot of the crews had never caught a fish of any kind so they were very impressed. We had some seasoned veterans that were just as pleased catching the big reds. Good times for sure even tho the weather was not ideal especially when it turned out of the north and north east with some rain throwed in. (Burr!!!!!) But with the boats loaded with good ol outdoors men an women a good time can be had.
We were chumming in 30ft of water using Carolina rigged medium tackle Daiwa reels spooled with 60lb test. Bout a 4oz egg sinker, 7/0 hook, kinda short leader (80 to 100lb test) for the reds. I like to keep it under 2ft. You have to hook the bait fish up through the nose so when their sitting out there searching for a monster fish to eat them the current won’t kill them. If you hook them in the tail the current will run through their gills and kill them. However, you must remember most all fish eat their pray head first. That means you must give them time to grab the bait swim off and turn it around. Then lock load let line get good and tight then a stiff hook set and hold on.. Ok enough of the secrets…..for the rest of the story you need to GET ON THE BOAT!!!! SO COME ON DOWN, load up and lets go get’m…

Thanks for all the great boating excursions, keep your line tight, and pull up reel down!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel