LIL Stick an String Therapy!!! Fishing After Isaac.

Close call; very powerful and wet lil angry cuss Isaac was!!!! The Biloxi, Ms. Charter boat, Whipasnapa, took her best punch, with a smile tho. Go away Isaac, enough already!!! Your interfering with our Gulf of Mexico, WhipaSnapa Boating adventures!!!

Let ol Austin (slim) take his momandem out last Monday, I went shootin some birds (AT). I think PETA now makes shotgun shells, I shot them birds an I shot them birds, an they no fall.. But anyway!!! His report was kinda slim, (guess thats why they call him (slim) they all gone! Nothing but hardheads! We didn’t catch nothing!!Nawl says he went experimenting with a lil trolling. Slim been wanting me to do it, but I just don’t like it. Unless Tuna or Wahoo fishing. Slim did manage a few spanish and couple reds. But It was slim. An the fool didn’t take no pictures. 🙁

I got out Thursday, scoped it out for the first time and not to bad. I seen a few pretty big chunks of debris floating. Some the piers took on quietabit of damage. We were suppose to be cobia fishing early week with the Aqua Green crew, but the winds and some thunderstorms from (Son Of Isaac) kept us lil scared till Friday. So Thursday just kinda went out after a few croakers and things for cobia bait. After a pretty quick scoop on a dozen or so croakers and couple white trout for cobia bait, I was kinda tasting some fresh fish, so I slipped over to the ol R.R. Bridge to see if could scoop a lil supper. Bam Boom Cha`ching 1st cast. They were thick actually. In about an hour I had 3 reds, 9 smaller blacks and 2 sow black drums (30 to 40 lbs)!!!So not only did I get supper I got some much need stick an string Therapy!! O and a nice Speck.

Friday, we scooped 12 cobia for the brood stock crew. At one time I had 3 cobia on at the same time!!!! Mr. Michael said “Damn Capt you the (Cobianator)!!!!” We did miss about 4 also. Well he did!! 🙂 Water was a lil murky but fairly good visibility. fairly calm seas an a pretty good number of lil cobia running around the buoy made for some more of that much need it stick an string therapy!!!:) Saturday’s trip canceled!!! With no call an of course won’t even answer when you call them!!! Man PLEASE if you book with me PLEASE be courteous enough to give a courtesy call and let me know if you have a change of plans. PLEASE that’s all I ask, WE do business here, the old fashion way!! WE want to earn our money and our word is the Gospel baby!!!

Mr. Montgomery and Ms. Mel did the 6 hour combo on Saturday, with the winds predicted Sunday they moved up a day. We started out with a few drum, 3 blacks a red and a few croakers. Then went to the whitetrout reef and boy they were on fire! Every cast soon as it hit the water! Fun for sure, some reely nice trout!! After an hour or so of that steady an exciting action, we went on out to the Island. A couple strokes on the churn an when the first croaker hit water it was consumed an from that point the next hour or so was intense (to say the least). Blacktip an the Atlantic Sharpnose were thick an hungry! Pulling the team all over the boat. Wore the duo out in about hour or so. Hey Capt. we caught enough fish. Can we just take lil boat ride? Y sure!! A nice relaxing ride down the Beautifully secluded Horn Island an then toward the mainland. Some kinda enjoyable. The Darn WhipaSnapa is just so graceful makes just cruisen fun:) (ON A BOAT) so enjoyable! The tide had basically stopped time we made it back in so kinda slow. Did squeeze out 2 more reds an 3 puppy drum!!

But hey folks not to bad here after Isaac. Lil debris floating and water kinda nasty but we still Pretty Dang Fishy!!

Anyway we open an ready to finish this 2012 season strong , steady an w/ a:)!!!The fall is a reely good time to fill that freezer for the hunting camp!!! Nothing like a lil Snapper, Grouper, or Cobia on the ol grill setting around ol camp fire!! Moan lets do the darn thang!!!!

what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel