More Red Snapper days and Cobia finally arriving makes for a happy Captain!! 04-19-2015

The Biloxi, Mississippi Charter Boat Whipasnapa & it’s Captain Earl, sure love when them

Daniel redcobia(LEMON FISH)start slamming the deck!!!  We had a really good week catching 5 in like 3 days. No big fish but enough to bring them smiles & high fives out!!!  (Biggest around 33 lb – smallest 18 lb..)IMG_0023        The last few weeks we been running quite a few Inshore Island Combos averaging about 6 hr.. & with a really strong bite on the red fish & black drums on the way out around the bridges. The Whipasnapa meat table has been filling up for sure…For catching the red fish and black drum I  like a plain jig head 1/2 oz or so w/ a nice size dead shrimp broke in half making 2 baits. I’ll always choose the head section first as it just seem both the red fish and black drum  like the head section best.. Must be laid right on the bottom tho. Once its pick up a quick firm hook set must follow.. Then hold on, quite the battle on the light tackle poles…  The white trout, ground mullet & croakers have been consistent on the reefs too… For  them  I prefer a drop rig w/a sinker on bottom and a very small hook about 8 to 10 in above it!! Small pieces of shrimp, cut bait or squid will get this done.. . Most of these guys get feed to the bigger fishes tho!! Don’t get me wrong they are some of the finest frying fish that we have!!! Of course there’s always a few left over to  hit lake crisco…
The bar outside of Horn Island has been the hot spot for the Barrier Island trips… anchoring in bout 10 ft..  of  water & running some hundred lb or 2 of menhaden through the chompers.. Creating the chum, & they shall come, chum line.. I generally put out about 10 lines, couple on balloons, one long one short. 2 or 3 on 5 oz. sinkers carolina rigged usually bigger baits catfish, white trout etc., 2 or 3 on 2 oz sinkers usually smaller baits croakers,  cut IMG_0017menhaden etc,,Staggered & Scattered out some 30 to 50 ft. behind the boat. Last but not least  2 or so 1/2 or 1 oz. sinkers and 1 or 2  just free lined (no weight) eels,croakers, pinfish, spots etc..  dropped right under the boat just under the chum churn… That’s the sweet spot!!! 🙂 (at least for the cobia)
When we start chumming seems the lil Atlantic sharp nose sharks show up first… Then some of the bigger sharks, black tips & spinners show. Then the big bull red fish usually show  and when things get kinda get quite and you start wandering whats next,  the ole cobia show.. Boom their she is, right there eating chum right out the chum churn..That’s when  all heck breaks loose!!! Give me a jig, give me a free line, give me something, o shift he eat it>>> 🙂 And no matter the experience, or origin of the angler.. When that  cobia (lemon fish)is finally brought boat side, gaffed and hits the deck, they all have them big ole smiles and looking around for somebody to high five!!! (IN THE BOX BABY)!!!!!!
IMG_0025       Then the rains came:(.. Shooweee did they come.. Boy the Ms. Gulf Coast has been a lil soggy lately to say the least.. Some 10 to 12 inches fell last week>>>However; the water outside the Islands still looks pretty good. Water inside; well it looks more like something out of a coffee or tea jug!!! Not so pretty!! Which we’ve never had pretty water anyway. It’s fresh tho, not good for saltwater fish..However we’ve got some pretty strong tides coming up and if we don’t get anymore rain things should get back to normal fairly quickly!!!

      I know some of my hardcore rig fishermen are waiting on a report from the big water but man I just ain’t got one… I’ve never been this long into the year without getting a rig trip in by now… But Mother Nature just hasn’t cooperated when I’ve had those trips booked!! Even had a couple local folks try to team up w/ some individuals on the Whipasnapa & tried the spare of the moment redadventuress when the forecast was suppose to be nice..but they lied (Still no go)… I’m so ready tho…

  10531068_813807235345981_1450059535_n           The Gulf Council has changed up the snapper seasons some what  this year. Which is suppose to help us folks trying to make a living out in the Gulf Of Mexico.. It’s suppose to give us approximately 45 days starting June1st. So for all you red snapper lovers you need to call & get on the books!!! For those of you  that know how many other fish are out there other then them dang 2 red snapper we need you too!!! Cobia, king mackerel, (The make you cuss)mangrove snapper,all the other snapper (lane, vermillion, white) the everlasting (make you cuss)  reef donkeys ( amberjack )!! Sure would love to get out on a few more tuna adventures as well.. Y’all come on, no matter what wild side forked tail adventure your soul desires… Just remember if it swims & pulls  your string ole Captain  Robert Earl McDaniel knows how to put you on them>>