Red Snapper Report!!!

The Biloxi, Ms Charter Boat Whipasnapa has put a hurting on ’em!!!!! You know back when I first started the WhipaSnapa Charter business we fished for Red Snapper from April to October with a 4 fish limit!!! Now June 1 – June 28th with a 2 fish limit is all we get!! In my own personal opinion its the advancement of the outbound motors that’s contributed as much as anything to the supposedly lack of Red Snapper in my opinion its the Sows (the 20lbs+) that are missing!!!! Back in the day we used to very seldom keep a snapper under 20 lbs. A limit of 16 to 20 fish with most being 16 to 25 lbs!!! We limited out every trip this year with ease and all being a really fine mess of Red Snapper. Of all the Snapper only maybe 6 were the true SOWS 20 and over!!!With two 23’s being the biggest all year. Most everything we kept were the 12 to 18 lbs. To me if the sows are what’s in danger why not put a limit kinda like they do the red drum. One over an 2 under a certain length!! And while I’m on it I definitely cant see why they can’t come out with the Red Snapper opening an closing date sometime like Jan., Feb., March, April. Why wait till 2 weeks before the season an tell us one thing then a week later tell us something else then a week later change it yet again then change it again!!!!!!!!!!MAKES NO SINCE TO ME!!!!!!!!!! And I bet if they where running a charter business they would see it just like I do!!!
Anyway mother nature got us on a few, in the beginning an a few at the end. Some were fishable but when some of the crew starts screaming udderly profound words at the water before you get 10 miles out 🙂 not much you can do!!! Some were able to hold out long enough to hit a few shrimp boats an get the rest of the crew strings stretched out on some Jacks, Shark an Kings before getting them back to solid ground.. Very few shake the feeling without returning to land but some do.. All in All the WhipaSnapa Red Snapper season was a BIG hit.. All had a limit of nice Red Snapper, an most had a few bonus fish of either cobia, king, grouper, mangrove, vermilion, lane, wenchmen, porgy, etc…… The water however has just really sucked! Mostly dirty water everywhere,,,very little if any trips had pretty blue water, just none out there during June nowhere!!!!! Most of the Snapper were caught about 35miles out on wrecks an rigs, with fresh Hard tails being bait of this ol captains choice. Of course the Big Poggys nailed a few too, an a few were caught on live croaker an a couple of the bigger one were actually caught on what they call a sea robin. Seems the BIG Snaper love them critters!!!
The inshore bite on white trout and ground mullet has been supper!!!! Several flounder and black drum as well! Just stopping on the reef for about an hr. or so the teams have been nailing some 60 are more white trout with about 25 are so ground mullet.. Most we have feed to the sharks, kings, cobia, Jacks, reds, etc…..
Anyway folks its gettin HOT! But so is the Fish bite . Rods have been bent double so much they just got a permanent bend in them Capt. is on a mini 1 day vacation recharging, sharping the hooks, getting some weak soldiers out of the arsenal and getting some new ones ready for you!!!
Gag Grouper opens on July 1 all other are already open with amberjack opening back up Aug. 1.
Anyway folks sometimes I know we take our fishing a lil serious but nobody wants you to catch more fish then we do.. Many thanks too all who rode with us, an of course all the wishers as well!!!!
So Quit wishing an moan down South Ms. an jump aboard the WhipaSnapa and join us for one fish smashing adventure after another!!!

Let’s Go Fishing!!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel