Summer to fall Gulf of Mexico fishing!!!

The Best Biloxi Ms.Charter fishing boat Whipasnapa lands another banner fishing year!!!!’ We started business in 2002 so getting about 13 good charter years under our belt.. Thought I was a pretty good fishermen some 15yrs ago but it amazes me the things I’ve learned the last 12years.. & still learning.. It’s always a challenge to take people who only have dreams & very limited fishing experience of catching BIG fish & actually taking them out & consistently put quality fishing trips together on a daily bases.. But we really fish here…We’re  not trollers your actually fishing…  Really have to cast put bait on set the hook tighten the drags jerk pull up reel down.. All that stuff feel what you fishing with.. Good ol actual fishing..    The fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is second to none as far as I know!!;) When you combine a great fisheries such as the Gulf of Mexico & Mississippi sound w/ a fish magnet like Whipasnapa & a born & raised ole back bay captain the fish box has a tendency to runneth over, a lot!!!  Ok all bs aside!!’:) Don’t guess I’ve reported since at least the beginning of the 2015 red snapper season..Just been way too busy..  We had some really great catches of red snapper w/a limit of nice red snapper each trip. Most averaging 12 -15lb the biggest around 25,several in the 19 20 lb range!’ The vermilion snapper & mangrove snapper also added to the fun & meatbox totals.. The red snapper were caught using usually a 4/0 or 6/0 reel,spooled w/some 60 80 lb mono backing w/ the top 200ft or so spooled w/ 250lb power pro … A HUGE chunk of fresh dead Bonita, jack