A Lil Inshore and Offshore Action on the Gulf Coast!

The action aboard the Biloxi, Ms. based charter boat, Whipasnapa, has slowed. : ( Fish action is still good, just the fisher peeps has slowed. Man since end of August things have tapered off to say the least. Guess between the economy, oil spill and gas prices people are being a lil conservative.
But a few still just cant do without, and manage to squeeze out a little, for some good o’l boating aboard that darn o’l Whipasnapa. An so we continue to let the good times roll!!!
The inshore has stayed steady with a few flounder, large trout, red and black drum, the strong pulling good tasting sheepsheads have really been hot! hot! hot! But the o’l pesty bait stealers have tapered off pretty good (thank goodness!) So most bites now are good eatin fish. The water temps have dropped into the high 60’s and low 70’s for the most part. Which starts to move them up an out…
The bait shops and even the commercial shrimping boats been having trouble the last few weeks getting shrimp. Both seem to have scored a few this week though, which is a good thing for eatin and adding to the fish tally’s!!!
Offshore has limited days this time of year as fronts start to push on through and the winds pick up. But, did manage to get out an do one this week an seas were a lil rough. Not to bad, was able to run 25 or so with no pounding. Didn’t get to make it down to the A.J.’s but we were mostly in search of cobia and grouper. The crew was three for four on nice keeper cobia with a couple other littler ones had to be thrown back. Two nice keeper grouper with a good number of the very tasty lane and mangrove snapper also added to the box of tasty treats. Pretty much same o’l story on the red snapper, a pile of them and several around the 20lb mark had to be whopped and released! : )
A good time for sure!!! Two cobia on buoys and one on shrimp boat and one on a rig. We were just some 20 miles offshore, plenty of shrimp boats just most of them were working all day. Live croakers, white trout and pin fish did most of the catching!! All thou the poggie sanmich worked on the grouper!!! Biggest ling was 38lbs.

Moan Down here an get your String pulled aboard the Whipasnapa…Thanks Ya’ll an God Bless..
Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel