A pile of sooner’s visit Horn Island Ms. to Camp and Fish

The WhipaSnapa Charter Boat was privileged to entertain the lovely Tate family from Oklahoma this week. For a three day camp and fish excursion, and with the winds some 30 knots southeast the first day. Some 20sh northeast the second day the crew opted for the motel the next night.

But the WhipaSnapa was able to put a large variety of good eating and hard fighting fish on the Tate crew despite the howling winds. On the way out to the beautifully secluded Horn Island, the first day we stopped and did some light tackle reef fishing to try catch a lil supper for the crews first night stay. Well, in just a hour and a half or so actually the crew had enough fish to eat all three nights. With the winds so strong all attempts to light a fire (for camping an cooking) were null an void. So don’t think the camping was a BIG hit. Flounder, white trout, ground mullet, black drum all fell victim to the skilled, an very thankful anglers.

On the second morning, with a strong north wind blowing briskly, I was unable to get real close to the Island, so only half the crew were willing to make the some what lengthy walk (out in the dangerous knee deep water) to board the WhipaSnapa. The few that did was treated to some really nice tug of wars with the king of tugs, BIG BULL REDS!! The Bull reds had that big ol smile (that we love so much) on everyone’s face from ear to ear. Several sharks and some really huge gafftops also brought some smiles.

Saturday, the WhipaSnapa Gorenflo’s Cobia shoot out crew was hit head on by yet more them strong southeast winds and easily 4 to 6 foot seas. So we really just had to put it in survival mode. Out of 38 boats fishing only 3 caught fish and unfortunately we were 1 of the 35 that didn’t. Several them reddrum and sharks did entertain us but not what we were looking for.

Cobia, on the bars is probably done for the spring, waters are extremely muddy and will stay that way due to more flood waters headed this way. There will be plenty out at the rigs an the island is infested with reds an sharks an we waylayin’em inshore.

Mother Nature seems a lil pissed right now, but hopefully she will get it all out soon.. Moan let’s go get’em!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel