An Absolutely Fintastic Couple Days Fishing off Biloxi, Ms. Gulf Coast!

Well, with a whole week of long and well anticipated WHIPASNAPA snapper trips shot. At
least a couple of die hard’s just wanted to still get away, and have their strings pulled.
Started out Wednesday, with Chad Flanders from Florida and Steven Burson from Tupelo,
who caught a couple sharks aboard the WhipaSnapa last year and said it was probably his
favorite fish cooked on the grill. Think we can catch some Capt? Absolutely!
So I put the number 1 WHIPASNAPA inshore trip on him, 3 hrs. light tackle, 3 hrs med./heavy.
Ms. Abbi Galloway from Tupelo, who came along just to kinda check things out. Said she had
never caught a fish,well it didn’t take long for her to land the 1st and with many more to follow
she said this is a darn blast! They hammered the trout, ground mullet and croakers. We moved
on to the Island for some chumming, where it did not take long for the sharks and ray’s to move
in and around the boat we went. Some of the bigger sharks took um around 4 or 5 times. Their
poor arms were hurting and shaking so bad could hardly hold fish up for a photo opp.!
Run Mr. Bobby Cleveland of the Clarion Ledger and some lovely ladies from the Sun Herald
out to Petit Bois Island Thursday for a lil’ photo opp., couldn’t fish but it was sure tempting.(see
clarion ledger for more on that)
Saturday one of the Snapa’s most highly regarded customers Mr. Garrett Hill who books
probably 4 a year and keeps a steady flow of new WIPPAS coming, said they wanted to battle
some them big sting rays heard they were bad BUTTS! Think we can catch some of them Capt?
Absolutely! So once again the 3 hr light tackle and 3 hrs med/heavy was in order. First we
stopped at the bridge and they put the hurt on some black drum, which (to me and them too
now!) eats as good as the darn red snapper! It’s true!
But anyway, trout, red fish, croakers, black drum made some pretty darn good steady action.
Even got a couple nice photo drum and on 12lb spin tackle trying to keep them out the bridge it
is nail biteing to say the least (see photo gallery). On the chumming, well, trust me they bowed
to the mighty string ray that is one bad son of a gun! They landed a couple 140 to 160 lb rays it
wasn’t easy but they hung in there and did it . One took more then an hour to get it up in the
As we ended the day you could cast your live croaker( which we keep plenty of) just hold the
pole and the big red drum were hitting like trout or something double hook ups, and as soon as
it hit the water: what a bang for your buck hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all! For depending and trusting in the Snapa for a day on the water and to put you on
the fish regardless!
Just hoping to continue fishing and spending the day on the WhipaSnapa, catching what ever is
brave enough to bite the ol mighty hook.So far still able to fish inside the Islands were its as
good as ever flounder, trout, reds blackdrum and its spanish time also which on light tackle is a
blast! so hey; come on down load up and let’s do this dang thing!
Capt Robert McDaniel