Att: Fishermen, Campers, Outdoorsman and Spring Breakers Biloxi Bound

Wow! Got to take one of them o’l butt dragging when ya get back home trips. It was an 18 hour
bluewater Whipasnapa run.
Struck out with the tuna,(yea bummer) fished most of night 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. nothing. Not
sure but we didn’t do something right. Got some really nice amberjack to come home with. It’s
prob the funniest fish to watch being caught. Had our limit with a 4 man team, 40lb was the
biggest amberjack, but I promise ya we had some much bigger or just a hell of a lot meaner.
Lots of good eating‐‐pink snapper, silver snapper, spanish mackeral, candy snapper, white
trout, but no cobia yet! Boy, seen some really nice looking water around the Islands, looking like
cobia water to me.
Check out our March specials! (April special will be for the cobia lovers.) 60 pounders will
be here soon! Weather getting right!
Capt Robert McDaniel
Whipasnsapa Charters