Big Red fishing on Light Tackle

Let’s see the Biloxi Ms. Charter Boat WHIPASNAPA has sure nuff been stretching some strings an bending the sticks!!! Which leads to a pretty good reel screammmmmin for sure!!! Especially when a nice 30 inch red has something to do with it. Doin it with a lil Mitchell light tackle spin cast loaded with 12lb test and might make you do the JIG!!!
Beautiful weather, an some super fine folks from Grenada, Brandon, Gautier,Ms., Atlanta,Ga. and Nashville,Tn. an beyond. Lead to some super duper boating adventures this week. An yes, I didn’t get my report in last week, SO WHAT, FIRE ME!!!. But last couple weeks still been filling the box. Been able to get some really nice strong, plentiful, an nice size whitetrout,groundmullet, gafftops, an rays (bunch of rays an gafftops running around) to get us started. To me that’s a good fish to get started with as any. Plenty fish action soon as it hits the water, kinda gets everybody in a good mood. As we get to know everybody so to speak..Out at the Island still few sharks, Mackeral (spanish an kings) but the big reds eluded us the last couple weeks out there. BUT we found some dang 30in. ones Inshore. An on the lil stuff O thats fun for sure!!! Actually the last couple we just stayed Inshore an filled up a bucket of them super charged whitetrout then several BIG Reds an BIG Blackdrum. A Sweet Plump juicy piece of that fresh dead, wormed up on a sharp lead head in about a 3/8oz layed on bottom in the sweet spot was going to lead to something BIG!!! Get the net!!! Get the net!!! Get the Net!!! Man thats a huge fish my arms hurt:)!!! O take my Picture!!! I have become a pretty big fan of the light tackle tug of war, AGAIN!!! Been having a blast, good folks seem to be visiting S. Ms, an thank yall for boating w/ me..
Getting geared up to hammer them SOW SNAPPER Ya’ll!!! Not much left open as of now have like 10 days left to book for the snapper so if you want to go getcha a few.. HOLLER asap!!!! It Really looks to be a strong year out there.. Seeing some huge fish out scouting around.

what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel