Big Reds making Light Tackle Reels Scream in Biloxi,Ms!!

The Biloxi, Ms. Fishing Charter Boat “WhipaSnapa” is heating up! Along with good o’l
mother nature! (How about this weather)!! Well guess I need to go ahead and get the
bad out the way first. I did have one trip with a crew that had fished the WhipaSnapa
before and the trip kind of fell apart. Probably should have been canceled, it was really
cold and windy. A couple of the guys were eager to get aboard (That WhipaSnapa) for a
lil boating. So, we went ahead and tried it. Tried a few spots out of the wind but with no
luck, so figured we would have to slip on out an tough it out in the wind but still not
much luck. So we throwed in the towel. Fish just weren’t biting, at least in the time
frame we fished. Hopefully God willing just 1 or 2 more of those this year.
This week has been all good, weather and fish, Friday’s crew had a ball. Several nice
reds, some over 30″. Think we had a fish with every live shrimp we dropped. They were
smokin those shrimp and then the lil spinning reels would really scream (Fun I Mean)! I
guess with the cooler waters them sunguns were really scrappy. We also had some nice
black drum, sheepshead even a nice flounder to complete a Back Bay Grand Slam.
Water temp did make it up to 65 this weekend. Won’t be long groundmullet, whitetrout
by the hundreds and the great bar action for the BIG Female spawning COBIA>>.
Had a very well anticipated offshore trip for Amberjacks, Mangrove Snapper an maybe
a cobia scheduled for Saturday and would’n you know dang fog rolled in an messed that
up Boy it was Thick, Sorry Guys!
Bout 10:00a.m. when the fog lifted the CEO of the WhipaSnapa Empire decided she
needed a lil boating time. Figured I might as well stop and let her catch a few of them
big ol drag ripping reds. Sure nuff they were there. In bout a hours time we had a limit
of reds. Her poor lil o’l arm and wrist was hurting. It was really great just watchin her
(put it on me). She use to not care much for the ol fishin… with the fog setting back in
an mission accomplished, we came on back home.
Really should come on down take advantage of this lil slack time, and this warm spurt.
I’m needing to catch up, if you know what I mean.
Inshore trips try to keep bout $100.00 a person and $200.00 for the offshore. So if don’t
have a crew call and lets see what we can work out.
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel