Chumming it up!!

Chomping them pogey’s up!!! I’m not going to go into great detail. Actually, I did but as I was about done I accidentally hit the undo button, it went bye bye!!! So I’m tired an agitated now!!! Biloxi Ms. Charter boat Whipasnapa Charters pretty much been hitting the croakers, white trout, catfish, etc for a hour or so then to the island we go!! A few cobia, but somewhat of a hit an miss. Not been reel good we were like 2 for five!! YeahI know we started out 11 for 11. Then just got in a lil slump!! This and that!! Not to change the subject but Reds have been strong on bout every stop!! Several big reds entertained us!!! So did some them huge blacktips and spinners. I don’t mind tho as long as we catching something!!! But boy a few back 2 back battles with a few of them big sharks and you’ll start looking for someone else to hand the rod to. Anyway we gone get our chum on for another week or two!! Join us for a day or two and let’s getcha string stretched!!!.Cobia will hang another few weeks red stay strong, sharks stay strong. Inshore trout red and flounder should heat on up as well.

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel