Cobia Finally Arrive!!!!!

The Biloxi, Ms. Charter boat, WhipaSnapa is happy to announce, the very anticipated COBIA migration is finally in full swing!!! Lord knows it took awhile but, Mother Nature rules!! But early indications are, its going to be a good one!!! The Barrier Islands, mostly around Horn Island an the submerged Island right off Horn called Isle Capri, is where most of the fish will be caught for the next 3 to 4 weeks..
If you would like to battle one of these great tasting, hard fighting fish book a good 6hr. or so combo trip. Most all the trips the past 8 or 10days have been chumming trips, with Mr. Ward Muscatell (Minnesota), Mr. Baker (Georgia) and a few other great guest. Mr. Ward an his sister an bro an law, fought mostly sharks of all kinds, shapes an sizes. They were just thick a bait just didn’t have much time in the water before one of the toothy critters would go ripping away with it .. Did squeeze in a couple jacks an the big bull reds!! The crew was just wanting some good tug of war matches, an that’s just what they got..Now let me tell ya bout Mr. Baker, well might have already told ya, he comes and hangs out with me bout once a month while the wife hangs out over with them fine folks at the Beau Rivage. Mr. Baker is the o’l peanut farmer from Georgia. He basically just loves setting in a boat on the water. If it takes a lil ride and catches a few fish, well that is just heavenly. Really not sure why he likes me since I catch more fish, an give him a hard time about it. But he does, well most of the time. Except when a few fish school him an breaks off, are just pulls the hook, then he blames it on me!! That’s when he gets mad at me says I never change the line on my reels, gave him a blunt hook an so on, and goes sets up front an eats his Vienna and crackers an drinks him a ice cold Miller lite, and won’t talk to me!!! lol Naw absolutely a pleasure to spend a couple days on the water with such a down to earth great guy. Thank you Mr. Baker!!!! See you next month!!! :)Ps don’t forget my peanuts I promise I will bring Austin again so you can catch more than him!!!
Mr. Baker an I were struggling a lil the 1st day inshore with about a half bucket of white trout, ground mullet, couple specks. So when we came in I asked him if he would like to go catch a cobia? “Earl he said, a cobia would be nice since I never caught one.” I like shark too I want to catch’m on light tackle.”I grilled some that shark last yr. an they were fine”. Well I think we can get you at least one, let’s go give them a try tomorrow. Long story short, he got him a Cobia, are should I say a Cobia got a Farmer??? He wanted to catch everything on light tackle but after a few of those sharks spooled him an took way to long to get in, an made him walk around the boat a couple times he figured he might better put the light tackle up!!! Which suited me just fine, cause on anchor, fighting a 30 to 50 lb cobia on 12lb test line is not going to end well!! But about the time we put the small pole up a clicker went off with a hardhead on it for bait nice an slow like a Cobia.. There he is Mr. Baker lets see whatcha got.. Well after about 20 min of that fish dominating the Angler, the Angler finally got lucky an got the Cobia boat side where Austin stuck him with the gaff an brought a nice 35lb Cobia aboard the WhipaSnapa. 1st of the yr. caught by good friend Mr. Baker>>> Damn Earl you done wore me out lets go,its cesta time!!!
Cobia are here and o what fun they are!!! Just something bout watching a good Cobia come up through the chum slick an start tossing baits at her, hoping you can entice her into eating something you have. Some will eat anything, some will eat nothing. Sometimes they come one at the time sometimes a half a dozen. Sometimes they come often sometimes few an far between..Sometimes they weigh 20lb sometimes a 100lb!! Closest thing to deer hunting that I know of!! But when the bait of choice is presented an the hook set is applied they put on one heck of a show an are really a pretty good scraper an bout as fun of a fish as I know of to catch! Just seeing them around the boat is really exciting.
But, while we wait Lord knows the sharks will keep you entertained. Plus a few jacks, reds and mackerel. The cobia gets the high fives and smiles from this ol boy!

The shootout was Saturday and we were on the fish 5 total but a combined weight of two fish is the object and our biggest 2 two was 3lbs shy. 🙁 Think in all we have caught 9 this past week. Not bad for Team Whipasnapa! They are running a lil late this year with all the cold fronts and rain but I thing the next couple of weeks are going to be action packed on the bar.
So ya’ll moen down lets go get’em!!!

Let’s Go Fishing!!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel