Cobia, ling, lemon fish, brownies are here!!

No matter what you like to call them they have arrived along the shores of the barrier islands off the Mississippi coast!! The Biloxi Mississippi Charter boat Whipasnapa of course has been in hot pursuit of the most sought after sport fish in the Gulf of Mexico!!!

We started off the early week doing the light tackle thing. Mr. Baker, my buddy from Georgia, was in and yet again I put it on him pretty dang good. He come up with this lame story about his leg an back hurting. And it was hope you get to feeling better soon!! Really it was a little slow but we did manage a descent mess of fish each day. Nothing spectacular, but there was a time we were out by the bridge Mr. Baker said “Earl you member that time we were somewhere right in here and I hooked that ol BIG fish and I fought him for bout 30min. and the hook come untied??” Well bout that time I hooked ol BiG fish again an was polite enough to hand it over to him for a rematch. He was fighting an a smiling an talking that trash he likes to talk and it happened. Pole went limp and the fish was off!! Well he looked at me all googly eyed said “Earl the damn hook come untied AGAIN!! Mr. Baker that hook did not come untied this time or last, you can quit talking that noise!!” Sure Nuff pulled it up an there was the hook. Fish probably a huge red or black drum had just thrown the hook. Wouldn’t have been so bad if it didn’t happen like 3 times in about 30min.. Not sure what the deal was but the big 1’s got away!!! Another good ol Georgia guy was in Friday and of course I put it on him too!! Naw just messing we caught some good reds an black drum for half the trip then they just quit biting. We kept on trying but it happens!!! Good times tho. For sure!!!

Now for the good stuff! The weekend was all about the cobia. The Cox family from Alabama was in with a goal of catching atleast one cobia. He had been several times an had even hooked a couple but had yet to land one. We started off taking a hour or so catching plenty of baits. The lil wormy shark have been pretty bad on the chumming trips. So load up on the baits!!! Once we made it to the bar it didn’t take but about 30 min an fish on.. Yes a nice cobia was on the hook. Yea haw!! First of the 2014 cobia bar season was on. Yeah baby!!! Now Hooking these fish can be the easy part. Getting them in the boat can be quite challenging to say the least.. After a few laps around the boat through the maze of poles an just trying to stay up right and in the boat with the 3 to 4 ft seas an not so good sea legs. The 55 pounder was brought aboard ol Whipasnapa clubbed between the eyes and in the box. Life is good, Mission accomplished!! The crew finished with 3 cobia and a fat king plus some sharks!!

Sunday morning we got a lil earlier start and was really excited. Live well full of croaker, white trout and catfish. After the 3 cobia and a fat king Saturday just knowing they were here you feel pretty good knowing it can happen @ any time!! Well for the first 2hrs. Nothing but a BUNCH of wormies.. Was starting to worry a little cause the water was kinda muddy. (A lot muddier than Saturday.) We could see a water line approaching tho from the east an we were about 2hrs. earlier than Saturday so I just knew when that water line made it to us, it was going to be on!! It was hard to describe without being there. When that water line passed about 10 minutes later the it hit the fan!! We had like 3 cobia on and a king at one time. I think a jack even come through and nailed yet another pole. I just cut the line on that one!! To say things got hectic would be an understatement!! But with some excellent team work we boated all of them!! Two of the cobia were 54 and 59.. Quite exciting, stressful ol Austin said.. For about two hours after that water line passed through there were a lot of fish brought aboard ol Whipasnapa. Body slammed, busted between the eyes and in the box!! Actually the box started running over an most of you know I have a pretty dang big box!!! Long story short they here an want last long, about a month then we will have to get them out at the rigs!!! Chumming can be a blast, so moan down getchuall some!! Thanks guys an gals for all the great south Mississippi boating adventures!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel