Cobia, Reds, Black Tips, and more! Pulling Strings in Biloxi, MS

Run 4 half day chumming trips aboard the Whipasnapa, and a light tackle, Monday’s bar trip
was about the 1 that didn,t ride home with us, a possible Randy who! At least 80lb. Yea boy
huge cobia came up charged a bait right behind the motors, but guess it didn’t smell or look just
right and he was down an gone. But, about 5 min’s. later the balloon line furthest from boat
went off. We just knew it was him!
Hearts pounding away, but not, it was one about 30lb. That was actually the last cobia to ride
home on the Whipasnapa Charter Boat this week.
Tuesday Rick from Detroit just wanted a couple hrs.for a shark, or anything. Did manage a
few black tips and a red drum.
Dad an couple of uncles were in for some ground mullet and white trout Thursday, an we
hammered ‘um pretty darn good considering the winds were howling. Probably 80’sh half
ground mullet as big as they get. All the whitetrout were nice also,Uncle James battled a nice
black drum right off the bat for a picture fish.
Saturday, Mr. Billy Johnson an family with the fishing magician Kameron, this lil fellow can
put the hurt on ‘um an don,t take long to tell he absolutly loves it. Reds, black tip, white trout,
ground mullet big string rays all hit the deck.
My son’s birthday party went for a few hours Sun. about the same, reds, black tips and rays.
Lots of good times! Thanks to all!
Cobia let us down a lil this week but a wonderful week, love getting Dad back on the boat. He
was mostly checking on the New Whipasnapa. Seem to have approved. So did yound Mr.
Kameron,very great young gun, but fish beware. Plenty of good fishing should continue. Wish
us luck sat for the cobia shootout. Moan down; get on the boat, lets go get ‘um!
Capt Robert McDaniel