Cobia, Reds, Sharks, Trout and Ground Mullet catching a lift: to the table!

Started out Thursday with Mr. Jack who said he would like to take a fish off his bucket list.
Cobia that is. Darn WHIPASNAPA, likes a challange, if you don’t mind busting a few sharks we
can prob make that happen. We started out on the oyster reefs catching a few extra baits
(croakers) the fun to catch, and wonderful eating trout and ground mullet. As for a frying fish
just as good as any. After 30 or so trout and a mixture of croakers, gaff top, ground mullet, off to
the bar we went. And it prob didn’t take maybe a hour to hour 1/2 to scratch that cobia off the
bucket list. Ok I’m good, but its not even a keeper, yea; it was the first one not to make the 33
fork rule. But we give it a few more min, the chumming gig was not their cup of tea so we went
and dropped a few baits on a couple wrecks close by were not much was happening did get a
grouper etc. So back to the oyster reef to finish off our bucket of trout and really fat ground
mullet. 120 or so filets is plenty, left them biting.
Friday picked up a short chumming trip. The Parker brothers i picked up at the ISLE OF CAPRI
just wanted to fight some bigger stuff, not keeping anything just want some good pull your
string extra tight battles. First stop was the Isle of Capri bar after maybe 40 min. one pole went
off then another, as they were fighting those two I looked and there swam a nice ling right off
the back corner the boat. Well, guess I will have to do it. Flipped him a lively croaker, must have
been just what he was looking for soon as he ingulped it and turned I set the hook. He did one
them tail walks and it was on, a triple hook up. oh yea, thats what I’m screaming. Turned out 1
had a jack crevalle the other was a shark which tickled them pink and of course so was I. After
we managed to get everything in and straightend back out high fives were in order. After about
another 45 min. or so, again one pole went off then another as they battled theirs another went
off, well guess I’ll have to get this one. Again a triple hook up they both had sharks mine was a
nice red. After a few drag ripping runs and cross overs we managed to get it all straightened out,
landed the red and just released the sharks a nice blacktip and a spinner, and of course another
round of high fives took place. Pretty steady action all morning. Some really big sharks, cobia
(27lb), reds(20ish).
Thanks to all; cancelled two days offshore cause of the black gold.
Yea, this really burns my ‐‐‐! You know its all about greed. There’s no way this
should be aloud to happen. They could have spent some of them profits to be prepared for
something like this. So far we are all clear no signs of oil. ANYWAY fishing is good and they
actually opened up a lil more water enough to get out to the wrecks and rigs just beyond Horn
Island and pick up some grouper, cobia, kings etc. I’d much rather work for you guys, so come on
jump aboard. LETS GO GET UM WHILE WE CAN::::::::::
Capt Robert McDaniel