Couple days inshore, couple days offshore !

Just the way Capt. Robert “Earl” Mc Daniel likes it. The Ms. Charter boat Whipasnapa loves its month of May. Winds start relaxing, not to hot, not to cold, fishing is excellent, practically any species a person cares to catch is available an hungry. But its the Cobia that really gets her juiced..She just gets so excited when everyone starts scram-b=ling around hollering COBIA! COBIA! Everyone starts barking orders like there’s no tomorrow. Running side to side, front to back throwing poles all around, anxiously grabbing gaffs but her wide open fish stance allows it to be done with such grace (well kinda sorta). Once the beast is tamed, slammed on the deck an starts slapping her all around, that’s when she breaks out with them lil GOOSEYS an that lil :)!!! O yea you fixin take you lil ride on the WHIPASNAPA —–!!!But!! I said BUT!!! You ought to try to live with her when them dang (ROOKIES!!!) miss like 2 out of three!!!OMG!!!
Mr. Baker, an ol regular fish slayer, from Georgia that has taken a very kind liking to the Whipasnapa fished 2 days early week. I really like them short early morn. one on one inshore light tackle excursions. Good one on one friendly conversation an competition. These two were with a very top of the line Gentleman… Even nice enough to let me bait his hook, drop his line down, tell him he’s getting a bite, holler set the hook, net his fish, an still let me catch more than him. My goodness at the excuses he can come up with as why. Strong bite on the Red an Black drum pulled out them wonderful :)s. a few nice sheep’s, flounder an white trout mixed in, kept the action going as we shook each others string. A really nice pack of some fine tasty filets are heading back to Georgia, along with a great many heart felt memories!!! Thanks Mr. Baker I do welcome the challenge ANYTIME!!!…
Now the BIG Water Adventure! You talking about 2 fine days to be on a boat :). (as if there aint any) Wow!!! Moon setting, Beautiful sun rising, calm seas, 2- 250 yamees purring behind you, that big pretty sexy Whipasnapa under your hind end. Everyone just looking around :)ing. As I stand up, step out so to get them warm Gulf breezes blown through my hair, I think wow!!! I am 1 blessed young man!!! an join the :)ing!! Mr. Tonys 3 man team Sat, was lil skimpy on the bring home box. Not that they didn’t do some hard core batt-ling. The first few rigs, the dang Red Snapper was just way to hungry to let us catch much more than Reds. We Just kept plucking away, cause cobia was the target. Found a few here an there an actually managed to get a hook in every thing we saw. But idk what happened, you will have to take that up with them. I mean really!!:) Current to strong, an water to clear to do much damage on the Mangroves. Mostly the current hampered the cobia catchin as well. Bout a dozen triggers, several spanish, some mangrove an a nice respectable cobia did get the ride tho…I know we fished hard, did some good battles an had alot of fun!!!
Sunday, the Durwood crew of 4, did fairly good on their table fair. A nice 55lb cobia started things off. A few mangroves, few scamp an black grouper, as well as trigger an spanish made the crews take home box pretty sporty. Some mighty mouth watering looking filets went back around Jackson for sure. Steady battles all weekend, lead to alot of grunting, cussing, fussing, cramps, high fivin, an of course those :)s. The John Brown Red Snapper!! Wow!! They like rookies I mean (roaches), they everywhere!!! You talking bout some fine Red Snapper brought boat side an set free… Learnin alot tho, getting the hand on few fish like some of the other Grouper (Scamp,Warsaw,Black) the triggers some the other snapper as well. O an of course them Honey holes keeping popping up as well.. Found some sure nuff sows, an some really nice Gags (which remains closed) till June. Good Job Team just playin” Anyway Ya’ll, its all good here in S.Ms. an beyound especially out younder aboard that Darn Whipasnapa…

what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel