Crack‐n‐um on the Ms. Gulf Coast!

WOW! Talk bout some therapy! Got on a few trips this week, and well, a massacre has
taken place! Yes, that darn WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT done done it boy! You should have
been there! Seriously!
O.K. I wasn’t gone tell, but all trips we were out at the crack of dawn. (I just love the crack
of dawn.)
Lovely folks from Hattisburg,Ms., Morgan City,Al., Duck Hill,Ms., Vancouver,Ca.,
Sumrall,Ms., Grenada,Ms., and Michigan caught several nice white trout, black drum, sail cats,
sharks (black tips, atlantic sharp nose, spinners,)sting rays, bat rays, bluefish, specks, flounders,
reds, spanish mackerel, mullet, hardheads, lady fish, croakers, jack cravalle and so on and so
forth. And the best one of them all got away! Yea bout a 100+ tarpon. Peeled line from the reel
so fast make hair stand up on your head(if you got any)! But we only lasted for one huge breath
taking jump and she said, SEE YA !
But, thank everyone aboard got a picture of a life time, not on camera (I wish) but in their
mind! Wow! So moan down and let’s do the dang thang!
They talking about opening Snapper Season for a hot minute so keep your fingers crossed!
Still got alot of good fishing to do this season, the best is yet to come.
Don’t forget to go to specials page @ Whipasnapa (to take your chance to win a
$300 trip) so put your scores in, will someone please send this toward Minnesota, no one giving
BRETT a chance!!!
Been a great week,really good folks made for some absolutely wonderful days in the
Mississippi Sound aboard the new an improved WhipaSnapa Lots of good feed back on new
boat; THANKS so much!!!!!
Capt Robert McDaniel