Crews not happy releasing them huge SOW Red Snapper!!!

Started out the week on the ol’ Biloxi, Ms. Charter Boat WHIPASNAPA, with a couple inshore trips that produced a load of fun.
Hooked an released some really nice sharks out by the Barrier Island and several huge Black drum at the bridge of the Biloxi’s Back Bay. Some really nice white trout pulled the strings on Tuesday along with a few really nice puppy drum that pulled out some smiles.
hen, we had to give that ol’ Snapa a day or 2 off for some tender lovin care. Boy, she been working hard. Just routine maintenance and a lil tighten up here and there. She got a good ol’ scrubbing , polishing, oil changing and was ready to roll out one dem Big Water Adventures!
Mr. Stuart Phillips and crew did the Big Water Adventure and man they stayed bowed up pretty much all day. The very young vibrant whippersnappers wore themselves out on a bunch of fish that just couldn’t make the ride in, on the WHIPASNAPA. Huge Red Snapper and some really Big sharks ate us up!! The crew was not to happy putting all that work into getting them SOWS in. Well (SOBS) think what they were referred too. But a good ol photo opp an kissem good bye, pitty that but in a week or so….
We really struggled trying to get hardtails so we could get the Amberjack. Never had that kinda trouble gettin Hardtails, but the suckers just wouldn’t hit…Finally had to settle for some really big croakers that we were catching on the rig as bait. But when you pull them out of the deep they hard to revive..(they blow their air bladder out). Revived a few an they did work but….Just couldn’t quite get one in the boat. Really a very off day, no mangrove action, did have 1 Mangrove bout 11.5lbs, no cobia never even seen 1. But as I was writing this report got word (see captain for more details). Although the crew fought fish after fish the box was pretty slim when returned to the dock. Few BIG White trout, Candy, Mangrove, and Atlantic Sharpnose….o an that usual sore a$$…
But, good time was evident an I’m sure they going to come back an get some revenge on them dang Red Snapper. Remember June 1- July 19,2011 on the Red Snapper. We waiting on you!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel