Despite very limited waters more trophy’s still hitting the Deck!

Started out the week with Mr. Jeff Greenhaw and crew from Fouke, Arkansas. Sharks were on
the agenda, but a good rain shower was lurking just offshore, so we stopped and spent a couple
of hours on some light tackle action. It was a pretty darn good bite taking place but the rain kept
spreading and it finally got us, it was moving very slow and getting bigger so we opted to just try
the sharks the next day.
Started out Wednesday morning on one of my favorite reefs and nothing was happening so on
to the chumming spot, and even that started out pretty slow, but we had to tell ourselves
“chum and the sharks will come”. And sure enough took about an hour or so and started getting
some good black tips. And all of a sudden this slick that was just to the West of us started
moving our way. And I about cried, yes it was the oil! Tar balls had us surrounded! That pretty
much ended that day (sorry).
Friday, Mr. Mickey Leflore returned with a young gun, who he wanted to experience some of
the action he had just weeks prior. And I tell ya they put it on’um pretty good. Nice trophy black
drum, reds, specks, and flounder.
Saturday, we were limited pretty much to the Back Bay. And Mr. Walter Ketchen from Jackson,
brought 3 buddies from Brandon,Ms. We had a pretty tough day, fished hard and caught black
drum, specks, white trout, ground mullet, reds, and flounder, but only 1 or 2 of each.
Sunday, we were back to reeling’um in, Mr. Josh Windham along with Tom, Ben and Tiffany
Windham from Brandon, Ms. had some pretty good fish. Mrs. Tiffany really showed the boys a
thing or 2! Red and Black Drum Speckle trout, Flounder and several nice White trout and Ground
mullet all surrendered to the Windham crew. They were going to take some of their catch over
to SHAGGY`S and have it cooked for them.(let me know how it was)
Thanks so much for the good times! Oil is here and it is heart wrenching. I felt obligated to try in
get everyone that was booked in if they were coming an Sunday was the last trip on the books.
Gone try very hard to go to work with VOO program so maybe the last report.
Thanks again to all who trust in the Whipasnapa for your good times boating! Guess gone
have to put the new WhipaSnapa in that mess to survive an when that happens no more trips.
Thanks again to everyone for all the very thoughtful concerns. And for coming and supporting us
Capt Robert McDaniel