Extreme Tug of War with Red Snapper, AmberJack, King Mackerel and more.

What a great week!! Fishing out of Biloxi, Ms. from Backwater to Bluewater with Whipasnapa Charters. Started out with a crew from Wisconsin. They wanted a lil sightseeing, fishing adventure. Mission accomplished. Seen all the Back Bay sights, shrimp boats, Keesler, dolphins, all the great birds, an more. Then went an checked out the beautiful Ship Island..There we caught several sheepshead. It was this one monster sheepshead that was a reel hit. 10+ pounder that was fought by everyone in the crew I believe. This joker was on some serious steroids (one member said). Next group of friends wanted a few sharks, so we went chumming (best way to catch the ol shark) but still just a lil early, with the winds up and neap tides an about 2hrs. of not much action.. The crew decide maybe we should go back in (to the bay) and try to get some meat in the box.. The team scored a few nice blackdrum and ground mullet. Now for the great Bluewater adventure!!! A put together trip with a couple fellows from North Ms., one from Jackson, Ms. and a fishergal from South Ms., we were blessed with flat calm seas for the day.. As we approached the first rig a really excited and gelling crew was ready, to say the least.. The fun began (at the dock actually) but the 1st rig is where the reel fun began. Huge snapper were up and hitting everything that hit the water. Several great battles followed. And of course a great round of high fives..Next rig, bout the same, just lil bigger at this rig an may have been even more of the BIG RED SNAPPER prowling the surface .. WOW. After several battles free lining, I finally decided to let one drop a few of the hardtails down and see if we could pull up a couple them sure nuff, SOWS!! First time BAM!!! the excitement was growing to see the size of this hard fighting SOW..An finally some red was observed. Then we spotted a nice Cobia trailing the Snapper..That’s when a mad scramble took place to get a bait on the Cobia… But he was not interested in riding home with the Whipasnapa(on this day). Next, needing to put something in the box, we mosey on out to check on the Amberjacks. Well, they were bout as thick and hungry as the Red Snapper. What fun my crew and the guys working on the rig had with this Tug of War Fiasco!!! A couple upper 40 A.J.’s and several high 30’s. Everyone was able to get a few great rounds with these hard pulling son of a guns. So, with a lil break in order, I wanted to scout a lil different water for maybe some Cobia! So we headed west to a bit shallower water. Were we did see another Cobia but all we caught were more really nice Red Snapper a couple nice grouper and a couple king mackeral. Sunday, a North West Rankin Team wanted some chumming action. First spot of the day, (Isle of Capri) a few large bat rays and stingrays pulled the crew pretty good.. along with a few small sharks also added to the action. With time running out an bigger sharks on the request.. we moved out to another spot,(secret spot) after just moments two nice cobia were spotted and a couple really nice sharks were battled. Mission Accomplished… Great times folks THANK YOU ALL!!!! Looks like 2011 with not much fishing pressure in 2010 is going to be a very rewarding an deserved year…!!! Remember June 1‐‐July 23 is the Red Snapper season…..The WhipaSnapa Awaits, locked an loaded….
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel