Fall World Record Red Snapper Bash!!!!!

The Biloxi, Ms. based charter boat, Whipasnapa, an the entire Gulf of Mexico receives the go ahead for an additional 15 days of red snapper season! The gulf council decided to open Red Snapper season Oct 1-Oct 15 an with October being an explosive month on a few other fun to seek an destroy fish like cobia, king, amberjack etc…. we were reely anticipating the 15 days.
Then as fast as it got here the first week was pretty much a wash out. Cause up pops Hurricane Karen, which did not amount to nothing but canceled trips 🙁 Got out on Tuesday, caught 6 cobia on a lil short run out, it was a lil rough an the crews opted out of going deep.. so just beyond the island some 8 miles on a few buoys was as far as we needed.. Caught prob a dozen, only 6 nice keepers tho. Thursday was inshore on the white trout an drum an that was very successful..That was it for that week. As Fri -Mon all forfeited because of that stanking Karen..
The following week was much more successful as some great weather set in about Wed. an lasted the rest of the week.. Flat seas and sunshine galore perfect temperature made for some excellent Red Snapper trips, aboard the Whipasnapa.. Each crew had fair opportunity to battle with some big ol SOW’s. Super sized limits of red snapper were battled each day cause we were definitely looking for a limit of 15lb plus fish.. Keep putting that BIGGER BAIT on an just waiting ol dominant one to come through an devoir the 1lb bait, dead or alive..When he hits you’ll know it……Most trips took a good 3 to 4 hrs of good hard fishing with several hard fought battles on the snapper by each fisherman..Pull!!! Reel!!! keep her out the Rig!!!!Pull!!! We stayed on the move somewhat looking for the cobia an other shrimp boat bandits we could find.. There was a small group of shrimp boats working that 120-140ft water where we were snapper fishing!!! Running shrimp boats is a pretty good deal, loads of fun!!! Just no telling what’s gonna come up on the chum line!!! Lord knows it don’t take long for things to get crazy!!! Sometimes 5 or 6 species of fish all come up an fighting for a meal.. Multiple hookups can occur with people getting drug in all directions with rods BOWED over.. Gets quite entertaining to say the least… We were able to catch a few nice cobia , Lil Tunas, Dorado, Vermillion snapper, amberjacks, sharks, etc…. that accompany the red snapper in the Whipasnapa Box for the ride in each day!! 🙂 Several 15 to 20lb Red Snapper and a handful of the sows over 20lb Red Snapper were brought top side..Many anglers an great friends from near and far had some super duper great trips. Many Kodak Moments 4 sur!! Great ones for the ol memory wall…
But it was Doug Borries from Dynamic Outdoors, that stole the show!!!! (I suppose =p) His state and world record Red Snapper on fly rod was the highlight of the season (I reckon =p). As we hooked to the rig just after day light!!! Already over whelmed having a just breath taking early morning cruise out some 55 miles out (Sun Oct 14)!!! About 180 ft deep with flat seas, sunny skies the anglers were antsy to Drop’m!! We had filled the bait box full of hardtells at a stop r 2 earlier!! We begin dropping and a strong bite was evident. Just as soon as you could make it to the bottom or just stop anywhere along the way it was going to get engulfed.
Pull Up Reel Down!! Pull Up Reel Down!! Get them turns on the reel when ya can!!! Couple lesser amberjacks and a couple very nice red snapper were the 1st fish boated!! Meanwhile ol Doug getting his ol Coon Tail Squid rigged up on that ol famous fly rod, that has produced some 19 state records 12 or more on the Whipasnapa ( I might add =) ). To make a long story short, yet another one for Doug and the Whipasnapa, 27lb Red Snapper breaks State and World records on a fly rod!!!!! YEAH BABY
Check out you tube on our web site (Whipasnapa Charters) or Doug’s Dynamic Outdoors for some pretty cool videos of the catch!!!
Fishing is still going strong inshore as well with the last 4 or 5 trips enjoying some nice big white trout an ground mulletcatches, with strong catches of black drum and reds with a few specks and flounders showing up as well. So come on down!!!! the weather is FINSTASTIC!!! and lets do the dang thing!!! Still plenty of good fishing left!!!we would love to have you aboard!!!

Thanks for a great 2013 Snapper Season!!!!! Catcha next year!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel