Federal Waters OPEN and we went to investigate!

Whatcha know last person that WhipaSnapa Charter Boat got to take out in the federal
waters, would be the first to go when it opened back up!!! Yea, Mr. David Lambert had a lil
inshore trip set up, but with the federal waters opening he decided that was were he belonged.
So, hey lets do the dang thang!!!
Boy, it was great as we rounded the end of east Horn Island, da ol’mighty orange one was
peeking up over the horizon an Capt. was grinning from ear to ear. South bound baby!!
So soon, man can you believe it, just weeks ago we thought it would be years. Our first stop,
second, third, and fourth and so on, found that the snapper were in fine shape. Maybe, just a
tad hungry. Mr. Lambert had his light tackle gear and them snapper was really putting it to the
test. I wasn’t the only one grinning ear to ear. Yea; he was having a ball, them snapper had that
thing makin some serious noises, a few was a lil to much, for the light tackle, some straightened
hooks, some got him in the wreck. He said they were fun also; forget some of the adjectives,
well not really, just can’t repeat.
Some of the crew, Nathan and Bryant was trying, but they would catch a fish and run over to
the other side and bend over talk to God or someone and back they came. Mr. Billy, well he
would hook up and need help. His shoulder was blowed out and them big ol’snapper was
binding him up.
Bring home box was not all that sporty was a lil’rough and the rest of the crew was green,
so we cut a lil short. Did get nice triggers, tripletail, bonita, missed kings, cobia, huge
tripletail(prob 25 or better). The ol WhipaSnapa was needing that. Absolutely love it, got to get
back soon. So, moan down jump aboard.
Great time! Thanks to all ! Moan; let’s go crack em!
Capt. Robert McDaniel