First couple weeks Reds, flounders, sheepsheads and blackdrum in the boat!!!!

Fished just a few hours on the WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT. But felt good to be back on the
water been a couple of weeks but bring on the New Year (let’s go get them!) Shoot yea!
Went out the other day for a few hours while it was warm pretty good bite seems salinity
back up. Fish have returned and hungry. We had couple of small reds and flounders a few
sheepshead and blackdrum which we refer to as Back Bay Snapper. A very fun and good eating
fish up to about 8 lbs. But there are several 30,40,50 pounders roaming the Bay also. Which puts
up a tremendous fight on light tackle. The sheepshead which can be kind of finicky but lots of
fun also eat pretty well too (pain to clean).
This was a catch and release trip but lots of fun,and blowed the photo’s sorry!
Got couple of bay trips on stand by. Bait shops have nice live shrimp which should help to put
some good fish in the box. Usually get a trip or two offshore by or around
Mardi Gras(Feb 16,2010) to check out some cobia,mangrove, amberjack, etc.
In 2008, 12 cobia came home on the first run offshore. So give us a call so we can get you on the