Fish are biting and water looks good!

Fish are biting an we are still oil free, but the cancellations have kept that darn WHIPASNAPA
grounded all week, every time I walk by it’s growling and looking mighty sad, spending way to
much time on land, think she taking it personally.
Been taking care of a lot of bull crap with the Butt Plug oil company, I mean bp, but very
much over that an maybe with a lil luck we’ll get her back out there this week, and let the good
times roll!!!
Snapper season is still on for the 1st of June and is suppose to close the 23rd of July. The only
thing we not able to run is the blue water trips an prob gone run a trip or two over off Florida
coast see if we can find some tuna, wahoo over that way.. Trout, Flounder, Spanish, sharks,
cobia, reds, kings, grouper, snapper, pompano it’s all ready an available to be caught,
packaged an shipped so jump aboard an lets get That darn WhipaSnapa back on a plane an
headed south were she belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Capt Robert McDaniel