Fishing as good as it gets now!

Mid week aboard that WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT started out Mr. Wayne Joiner and friend
Mr. Jerry Rion and they caught several nice drum and a nice SOW drum. Friday’s opening day
snapper trip fell apart. So a bud and I got us a couple heartbeats and run out to seek and destroy
us a limit of Red Snapper. Pretty rough so we wasn’t gone play all day, get’um and go. Well by
9am., 3 cobia, 10 snaps and a king. Knot to knock by heartbeats but them big snaps schooled
them pretty good. First 7 did the o’l switcharoo to them(fish for wreck). So we had to settle for
some mini sows. Sure was fun thou.
Watching folks have that much fun is good for the soul! And guess most of weekend was
good for the soul. Had couple o’l school buds in that I haven’t seen since ’85 or so. And I called
them Team Crappie (Sam Testa and Parker Whitworth) GHS (class ’81,’82), and tell you they hurt
the fish population. Saturday, we left at 3:30pm cause the winds had laid and as the sun was
setting we headed back with 7 cobia and a limit of Snapper and smiles on all. I was like man I got
to make a living doing this at least 10 more years so save me some. They caught red and black
drum, flounder, white trout, ground mullet, snapper, cobia, shark, and so on and on!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Kevin and Kyle Arnold spanked the black drum and reds and sharks Saturday. What a
great few days, I have had a blast!!
Thank you God! and All the Team WhipaSnapa’s
Now’s the time to come down to South Mississippi and jump aboard the Whipasnapa! Fishing is
as good as it gets!!NOW!!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel