Fishing has been strong an steady for our lovely guest.

Mid week the Whipasnapa charter boat was honored to have my dad aboard. What a pleasure to return just a lil bit to such a wonderful dad. Although he pretty much is along strictly for the boat ride, he does still enjoy a brief stretching of the string. Then a short break (as he says) is in order.
How rewarding to look over an see that lil twinkle in his eye, as I said alright here we go, and showered down on them twin Yamaha 250 4 strokes. Thanks dad for introducing me to the great outdoors. Which I have made my very challenging yet rewarding way of life. Dad brought his brother down, who was in pursuit of a nice cobia. Something he had never caught. So, a chumming we shall go!
We hadn’t chummed long an Uncle James was getting lil bored so I gave him one the lil light tackle weapons, baited with a small chunk of fresh dead. Told him just drop it back behind the motors and see what’s eating the chum. Well, bout as quick as it hit bottom he pulled up a nice lil hardtail. Which are good for a pull and excellent bait. After bout 4 or 5 of those I heard something setting off the clicker on a free line I had hangin on side of boat an dropped it. As I was investigating it, it looked to be a cobia had grabbed the lil whitetrout an only scuffed it up. Hummm? I think that was a cobia, an bout that time unck was reeling in another lil hardtail that got attacked an grabbed by something an ripped it off the hook!! Hummm? Cobia? Ycertainly! An there she is right behind the motor. Told Uncle James hurry come grab this lil whitetrout an flip it to her! Boom! o its on:) seems this lil cobia wasn’t ready to stankda grease yet tho. This cobia totally an quickly dominate an schooled ol Unck. Under the boat an around the motors to freedom:( But about 10:30 Uncle James got redemption a sporty 35lber. Him an dad caught about 3/4 a bucket of pompano lurking back in the slick that sure put the :)s on as well. Plenty of them BIG bullreds an shark played tug of war end week.
Mr. Jack (ol Georgia guest) was doing some pretty heavy perspiring battling the reds. But once again the winds picked up mighty heavy for the weekend. Although a strong bite on blackdrum, whitetrout, croaker an few flounder made our Sat. guest put on Happy faces as well.:))) Basically in a nut shell fishing been strong an steady with a large variety of fish being hooked an reeled boat side. Some set free in the water some being set free in other ways an form (so to speak):)

what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel