Fishing Just Brings So Much Joy!!!

O how blessed that WhipaSnapa Charter Boat is. No spectacular catches this week but a good solid catch each trip.

Sometime it’s not so much the amount of fish brought in, but the joy brought to all by the whole experience is just very rewarding an therapeutic. Lots of beginners this week and of course it takes some time to learn a few things about the art of fishing. Once the basics have been achieved then the catching comes a lil easier. But the smiles on the crews when they hook’em up and start getting the hang of the art of fishing is very rewarding to this Capt. Several very nice white trout, couplesheepshead, several red and black drums, few flounders have been the norm on the WhipaSnapa inshore excursions. And sharks—Atlantic Sharpnose, Spinners, and blacktip with a bonus cobia are 2 have been consistent on the chumming trip. The big reds have eluded capture this week.

Kinda rough a couple days so were limited to the inside the island. Should be able to get back on them big water adventures this week as Amberjack open Aug. 1! We have the 3 day Carl Leggett Tournament, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We got crews coming in to fish that, so should have lil mo action an some good pictures next week.

So moan get on the Boat!!!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel