Fishing was really hot this week!!

The Biloxi, Mississippi Deep Sea fishing boat, Whipasnapa Charters, really enjoyed a great week on the water. The weather was awesome, tides were all good, plenty of good baits lead to some spectacular fishing!!!
The bay waters turned on good, salinity still down a little but the fish were huddled out by the bridges!! Found a couple really hot spots dropping down on the old 90 bridge structure which runs adjacent to the new Biloxi Ocean Springs bridge!! Fishing this structure is difficult to get the hang of!! You have to be able to feel the bottom really good!!! Sinkers must be tided to the bottom of the leaderwith the hook just above!!! They (the sinkers) must barely hit bottom an twitched along just barely lifting an dropping!! You have to keep the live shrimp flicking along with a little bit of freedom!!! Once you start to get the hang of it a great catch can be had!! We were catching several red fish, most were 16 to 26 inches!!! Several black drum, sheepshead and some really nice speckle trout were also brought aboard the Whipasnapa!!!
A few reefs also turned on with some nice ground mullet and a few white trout added to the excitement!!! Must call dad for ground mullet is his favorite fish. Every year he tells me to call him when them ground mullet turn on cause that’s all he cares about catching.
We also got outside the islands and did some chumming. Still a little slow but the sharks and bull reds are starting to show pretty good!!! No real big sharks but several little ones!! The bull reds were real nice. We still haven’t made it to the rigs, but it sure wasn’t mother natures fault. Got another shot this week to get out to the rigs but looks like it will be mother natures will this week to hamper the possibility!!! Anyway folks it’s getting right.. don’t miss the boat!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel