Flounder tops Biloxi Back Bay fishing report.

Man them darn flounders fun, Yea! eat good too, hun; Can’t complain about the o’l flat
fish, they got it all going on!!!!
Early week they were on, had that early morning high tide and the flounders were moving
up close to shore and on the flats to feed on the falling tide. And the WHIPASNAPA was jaw
jacking um, 32 or so in 2 days, with a few nice trout, did the Bay Slam one day, Reds, flounders,
and trout. All on the pogey which is very plentiful right now. They opened up the live baiting for
shrimp also, but if got them pogeys they as good as any. Saturday’s, N. La crew got on the black
drum 20 or so good eating size, like the shrimp for them, and a couple reds, but where
undersized they seem to prefer the shrimp also. A few nice trout, specks, and whites, and one
flat fish. Pretty darn good bite all week. Thanks to all!
Bay should continue to be hot, as the weather! Islands opening up for some catch and
release. Hear the reds are pretty thick out there still waiting. Maybe they will give us a lil federal
water to go get some fall cobia, groupers, kings,etc….?!
Come on load up for your WhipaSnapa Good Time: Just a lil reminder that summer almost
over for the kids and we still catching some pretty darn good fish in the Bay, and should just
keep getting better, Red and black drum, flounder, trout, etc…. Catch and release at Islands. Say
some test should be back next couple days and may open up a lil bit of federal water too. So
maybe we can get in a few fall cobia runs which was fantastic last couple years. Keep us in mind
and if possible come on get on the WhipaSnapa and lets do the dang thang.
Gone do a $300.00 trip giveaway!!! For the Saints/Viking game. Guess the score and win.
Just go to our contacts page to send in your guess!! (Can use this year or next.) Just send in
teams with your score.
Deadline Sept 5,2010 and like with the super bowl 1st one in gets that score so get them in
early but if you pick one already taken we will let you know so you can try again. only one guess
per household please
Capt Robert McDaniel