From Back Water to Blue Water Baby!!!!!

O’ my the smiles have just been overwhelming this week. That Biloxi Ms. Charter boat WhipaSnapa has pulled out a many them priceless happy faces.
Started out with Mr. David and Polly Rushing who whooped several drum, flounder and some really nice white trout and ground mullet. Dragging a lil piece of fresh dead shrimp about 6″off the bottom produced some pretty steady action. Couple more light tackle trips with some family that was in for lil’ whipa’s graduation. And these Whippersnappers was cutting up!!! Fish and jaw yakking was running strong on these 2 light tackle excursions. Everytime the young snappers hooked up they were hollering St. Record baby.. Really did have some super charged ground mullet with a good number nice size white trout and a steady flow of puppy drum also entertained the lads. Out on the lil combo trip (3hr light tackle-3hr. med tackle) team Latoya, a crew of six, started out on the black drum which was eating them big super sized shrimp bout as fast as it got nice an relaxed on the bottom..The weather was lookin a lil nasty as we made the trip out to the island..But squeezed in about an hr. chumming an the big super sized reds were eatin them nice lively croakers up out there in the lil honey hole at the Island. Then the crew opted to go chill on the Island for lil…
Our offshore trip was a catch and release guess red was color of the day, WOW!!! they are nice!! Red Snapper in the 15 to 20lb eventually started coming over the sides of the o’l Whipasnapa . That is once we got a good cheering party established an a much more aggressive angler.
On 2 trips this week my friend riding shotgun for the day said they just couldn’t stop smiling. And man thats all we after here on the Whipasnapa!! Lots of thumbs up this week for the weather,fishing, an the crews.. Absolutely enjoying what we do !!
Looks like we will finally get to put some of that red in the box this week!! So come on down here and get you some. Let’s do the dang thang!!


Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel