Yes Sir, what some great times we are having aboard WhipaSnapa Charters!!! Blessed for sure!!! Several light tackle trips with some really fine folks that landed some super duper fish.. a steady flow of nice trout usually started the days off. A few ground mullet, gafftops, stingrays etc. added to the excitement. Fast and steady hard hitting action..Usually stopped at 30 or so fish then we were off to get the big boys..Some really nice Reds and Black Drum sure pulled the strings and of course them :)s, that we love to see!!
O and the drag singing out sure gets the heart pumping and the girls they seem to want to scream a lil which adds to the fun!! The trout was hitting fresh cut bait, squid, an shrimp, while the drum pretty much just eat the really big fresh dead shrimp.
Speaking of shrimp, the boats have some of the nicest fresh shrimp for $2.50 I’ve seen in a long time. Come an get’um.. Mightiest well wet a hook an getcha some this serious string pullin whileya at it!! It is a lil hot, with the light gulf breeze and some steady fish action its hard to even notice.. A BIG Thanks to all for enjoying our lil South Mississippi light tackle fishing experience!!!
Offshore, well that’s were the major killings took place!!! With calm seas and some spectacular sun rises, a boat load of good ol folks and a really great fishing machine under our hind end, made for some surenuff knee slapping high fiving good times for sure. Some really great catches of Red Snapper got a ride home aboard the great fishing machine Whipasnapa!!! Probably didn’t keep any under 12 lb. with those huge chunks of fresh bonito all our great guest had to do was drop to a count of 20 Mississippi lock an load.. O an of course hold on an try to do the ol’ PULL UP AN REEL DOWN!!! Some said that a lil ezer said then done Capt. 🙂 The water at about 60 miles is absolutely as blue an beautiful as it gets.. The King action is on fire! The Big Poggey worked on them, just free lined with lil wire leader an a fairly lose drag an let her sing 🙂 When they hit they leave town and in a hurry all ya can do is wait till she decides to stop then reel for lil an wait on the next drag ripping run!! The Chicken dolphin on light tackle is a hoot for sure as well!! Been plenty of them along some big grass lines at about 60 miles as well.. The lil double rigged speck jigs in chartreuse an white produced the best, an generally 2 at the time>> them son of a guns sure put on a show. Not to mention that they are one of the prettiest fish out there. (Kinda tasty too)!!! a straggly cobia or 2 also got blessed with aride to the mainland aboard that dang WhipaSnapa as well.. Some vermillion, lane, an Mangrove did as well!! Water just to pretty to do much on the mangrove but patience an a good ol pork chop of poggey would get a few.. And some fresh squid dropped down to the deeps would get the vermillion an lane with an occasional trigger fish.
Any way folks grouper season is open now an more calm seas are predicted so that smells like some more great fish kills for sure so don’t let that darn Whipasnapa leave again without you in it..

what you waiting for here is your invitation:

Getcha self on down here, load up on the dang ol’ WhipaSnapa an let’s get it on!!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel