Gotta love that grouper! Offshore and Inshore bites strong this week!

Happy Memorial Day!
Just the way that Darn WHIPASNAPA likes it! Yea, the fish God’s shined on us pretty good
this week, in 2 offshore fishing trips (in very limited waters) boated 16 GAG groups with 11
making the trip home aboard the Whipasnapa, all 8 to 12 lb range. If ya know what I know that’s
some fine grub. (Thanks for tipping the Capt. a filet!)
Guess we caught about 3 to 4 off them extinct red snapper to every 1 grouper (all released
safely), all 10 to 15 lbs. Went through about 100 croakers, an 50 lb of poggies but hey got a
couple 100 more on stand by. Throw in a few really nice mangrove snapper, some sharks, kings
and few trigger and we had our self a couple fine days! Even thou we could not keep the red
snapper, box looked pretty good. One was suppose to be a tuna trip and of course those are
out. Thanks for coming anyway, and take care of the Snapper Hickey’s (little bruises under the
Mrs. Richard brought her two young boys over and they put a hurt on the trout and
ground mullet. They really had a ball with a fish on just about every cast an even a few doubles.
An of course I love taking the young whippas too. So did the Rommel crew. Another father son
crew from Washington St.. They had a few bonus fish, with a fat flounder and a really nice black
drum for a picture fish. Had another Big ol’ drum but our light tackle just couldn’t quite keep him
out the bridge!
Looks like going to be alright on the snapper. Oil still missing us here on the Ms. Gulf Coast.
But boy its still very depressing what has happened out there. But hey lets enjoy while we can.
Got a few week / days open if want jump aboard and see what you can battle and load up on
the WHIPASNAPA. She feeling better this week smiling an purring like a kitten.
I love being on the new boat think you will too! So give us a shout. And let’s do this Damn
Thanks to all!
Capt Robert McDaniel