Hero to Zero life of a boat Capt!?

The Lindahls’ started us off on the WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT with a nice catch of drum and
trout with a high 40 light tackle photo drum. HERO!
Then on Saturday, Mr. Brandon Leverett, and his new member of the Meat Drive Crew,
Ernest, returned for some (catch it if it gets close to the hook action). And they had it coming
over the Whipasnapa from both sides (thought it was raining fish). Jacks, drum, trout, bullreds,
shark, ground mullet, etc..!!! HERO!
Sunday, had an order in for a limit of snapper, and a couple cobia and to be back shortly after
lunch(can’t miss that Saints game)HA what a joke
.. Can we do that Capt.? Why sure!( I think I can!) Well, we were gone be challenged because it
was gorgeous weather, and we weren’t going way out,and it was Sun.. (so that meant a lot of
competition) Shoulda, woulda, coulda‐‐ the bite on the snapper was simply just nule and
void.The current was running so hard that a 8oz sinker was pulling off bottom and takes a pretty
good bit of experience to get it relaxed so it don’t get hung up in current. We were dropping 1st
lines at crack of dawn, so we got choice of wrecks for a couple hrs. before the bugs bunny crews
showed up bout 9.We talked to few ol bugs on the way in and seem to have just been one dem
days..least early.. but to make a long story short: 8 fish‐‐5 snapper, 3 spanish, 3 dink cobia.
ZERO! They were fishermen and great sports and had fun( fishing). But boy them hit me hard.
Hey all we can do is dust off and get back on the Whipasnpa head her South and keep on
fishin!!!!!No1 baby
Have some empty days and spots this weekend sure would like to fill!!You can rest assured
you’ll be getting 110% from this ol boy. Some say I take it a lil to serious and they prob right put I
get paid to put fish in the box and return everyone safely. (experienced fishermen,or not).. but
we do still have a good time; set the hook and pull up reel down;;; the more I get of it‐‐ the more
I want of it!!!!!! Thanks Everyone for the blessed times!!!!!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel