Hot Mississippi Action on Trout and Drum!

Saturday’s trip was a lil wet, but a fairly good bite. Mr. Matt Thomas from Jackson had a lil
bachelor shindig going on with a few buds. They put the hurt on several real nice puppy drum, 2
to 6lb. But one fisherman was totally dominated by a really huge something?! Red or black drum
probably. Yea! Don’t think he even got a turn in, went through the pilings, peeling off some
serious drag. I tried to get him to jump in to save it, but he thought nothing of it. They decided
not to keep any fish, so gave a family at the dock a cooler full of white trout and black drum.
Made their day I’m sure. Sorry no pictures and forgot to get them to sign my guest book (they
were ready go to Hooters and I was ready for some dry clothes).
Sunday’s trip was one of them folks that booked and then don’t show up, don’t call or
nothing, hate to take free money but hey what else can I do.
Monday, Mr. Bryant Gann a return customer was in with some fellow military guys. And
well, they absolutely hammered the big white trout and several nice ground mullet. Then we
went out to the Island where we had to tuck in behind the Island a lil cause the winds were up
pretty darn strong. And tell ya it was prob the slowest yet on the chumming trick. A really nice
bull red showed up bout 30 mins. in, perked us up a lil. We had a few good runs just failed to
connect. Then it was pretty much all the wormies after that, did see three lil cobia feeding in the
Anyway, couple really good trips with some wonderful folks! Thanks!
Still no definite word on the snapper season but trout, reds, flounder, drum, sharks etc.. will
keep us entertained with tight lines till then.
REMEMBER Sept 5th deadline to get scores in!! Saints go all the way baby!!! 2 DAT
Capt Robert (Earl) McDaniel