Inshore; fisherpeeps dominate! Offshore; fish dominated!

The Biloxi, Ms. charter boat WhipaSnapa was fightin them howlin winds again the early part of the week. Guess Mother Nature finally decided we had enough. Cause boy, she sure put the good stuff on us the latter part of the week.
Dad and a few uncles were in mid week, for some inshore fishing. Man these cats don’t play! Always good to spend the day with some of the folks that I owe and respect so much! Really strong bites for the whole 5 hours or so. They were steadily smack talking and yankin each others string, as they brought fish after fish over the side of that o’l Whipasnapa. They totally dominated several black drum, a bucket and a half of some fine white trout and ground mullet, and a couple of flounders also fell victim to the seasoned an very special anglers. There was this one as we were bout to wrap it up that hit the lil spin cast an totally dominated ol Howell, but it wasn’t his fault this was something huge like even dolphin big, prob just a shark, but it definitely left the scene in a hurry>>>>
Saturday’s big water adventure started out with one the most gorgeous sunrises. One those just specktackular rises. As we approached the days first oil rig, the overly antsy crew grabbed their weapons. An within minutes I had one angler fighting the outboards, one fighting the top side of the rig, one fighting the bottom of the rig and one hooked on the top of the boat with a backlash from h***!! So after a small group conference an some RETYING! Everyone was given a lil better instructions, an as we approached our next rig, the much more organized crew, started hooking some very mean fish. But the fish just gave the anglers a bit much. And as I tied another round of hooks, I told them ya’ll gone have to MAN UP! These fish are dominating you!

But, to be fairly nice they did not quite! We kept battling, an battling. They finally started to realize that these fish had a slight attitude problem. And they were going to have to match it, mo aggressively. Did wind up with a pretty darn big cooler of good eats an some sore butts for that grand ride home, across that Great OL GULF OF MEXICO!!! 6 A.J.’s, 2 cobia, 20 white snapper, 3 vermillon, 2 lane snapper, 11 mangrove, triggers, scamp and a darn good fishing trip. Even though they were dominated they said they would return to fight another day. Great Times Guys,Thanks very much!!!!!
Moan team, looks like Mother Nature gone cut us a lil slack, so come on get your game face on and lets do the thing.

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel