Inshore to Offshore it’s all good stuff!!!!

That Biloxi, Ms. Charter Boat WhipaSnapa continues catching a large variety of fishy’s! Weather inshore or offshore the tight lines attached to them big ol smiles have really been flowing on a regular bases around here. We Thank You Lord…..

The group of Davis and Fry started the WhipaSnapa adventures off this week with a light tackle and Island combo.(catch and release trip), well they did keep a lil variety (of Fish) to take to one of the local restaurants (C.J.’s right here by the house a new restaurant) cooked up the couples flounder, shark, trout, mullet and drum. The couples gave it a gold star!! Really good action on the day with this group of Snapa Friends….
Mr. Carl Jones’s friends and family had the WhipaSnapa for couple days of the good stuff. They come in for that treatment only the WhipaSnapa can provide. Ya’ll know Fish, Eat, Drink And Rest!! And Fish Eat, Drink and Rest again. Man the team really does it right, an had a couple of great days! Mr. Butler Dexter an Carl been enjoying their trips aboard the WhipaSnapa for 7yrs now. The Team all ways likes the 2 day, Inshore one day, Offshore one day package. And OMG the crew had a great time. The times in the boat flowed right on to land and back. Not sure on tally’s, believe it or not, but the team left with close to 130lbs of cleaned meat(if not more). I really do like them 2 day trips, gives us a lil better odds to get a good day offshore. Cause we all know when going for the rig trip the better the seas the mo fun it is!!
Snapper dates getting limited but a few still available for July. Also have a couple trips needing a extra person to help fill the boat so if interested in going on a Big Water Adventure an it’s just 1 ,2 or 3 of you. Might want to give us a holla.

A big Thanks to all of you, for selecting WhipaSnapa for your boating excursions.

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel