It’s time to get in fish mode!!! 2-01-15

The Biloxi Mississippi Charter Boat captained and owned by Robert Earl McDaniel is sitting on ready. As I sit here in the lazy boy February 1,2015, waiting on Super Bowl between two teams I IMG_5322really don’t like. Figure I’d give ya’ll a lil heads up!! Just received my big hook, line and sinker order..a few of the weapons back from the repair shop.. Weather has been pretty nice so needless to say I’m getting that fever!!! Chomping @ the bit to say the least!!!IMG_0473
As we get started kicking off yet another great year aboard the WHIPASNAPA I would like to thank everyone for the confidence ya’ll have in my ability to consistently to do my best and have a safe enjoyable productive day on a boat!!
The sheepshead, reds and black drum have been a lot of fun through the winter months thus far and will continue through March or so!! Crabby’s Bait Shop of D’iberville has kept a good supply of nice hydro shrimp!!! A couple the trips the sheepshead were on fire. Just as fast as the shrimp reached bottom..BOOM… The sheepshead averaging a strong 5 lb several in that 7-8 lb range and can really test the drag on the light tackle spin cast!! Lots of fun, really pull out them :)!!!! Prepared properly they are fine table fare!!! Found a BIG ole school of Reds stacked up on some of the old highway 90 bridge structure as well!!! They are averaging in the 16 to 18″ mark w/ a few going 24″ish but just as quick as it hit bottom…BOOM it was on!!! Another fun and great eating fish!! The black drum as always(or prob the most consistent year round inshore fish) 99% of the time they will always come through fishing the old and new bridge!! Fresh dead shrimp on these guys tho!!! They do get lil bigger as several 30 lbers can be hooked and landed on the lil spin cast!!! Fun for sure!!!IMG_0476
For the lil more adventuress hard core folks well the Amberjack, tuna, grouper, mangrove snapper etc awaits!!! Now you talking about getting your string stretched them ole forked tails right there will put it on you!! Man up, pull up reel down, if you can!! O I bet they out there hollering throw me something mister or misses!! I dare you!!! Ha ha lets go get’m I’m ready!!!
Amberjack will be open till at least June, maybe!!! The Red Snapper should open June 1 but is still undetermined how many days we will get, but I will let y’all know as soon as I find out!!! I’m hoping at least the whole month of June. Maybe 2 smaller seasons, really would like to see a few days in October again!!!
The Cobia,aka lemon fish, brownies what ever you like to call them show up around end of March 1st of April!! That’s when we can catch them around the barrier islands till mid Mayish then mostly offshore w/ a few still hanging around the islands!!!
The big bull reds can be chummed up or sight casted too out around the islands right now!! Anyway folks hunting seasons over football seasons over so let’s get on a boat and go get some fun String therapy it’s good for the soul!!! Moan lets go!!IMG_0477
Book your trips early so to get your day or days reserved for you!!! Also if you don’t have a crew or just a couple call or text or email and get on our reserve list and when I get enough we can go get your thrill of a lifetime hooked up…The offshore trips usually averages(starting) $200, the inshore averages(starting) $100 per person!! Which is not bad for a day aboard the world famous highly enjoyable, successful WhipaSnapa Charter Boat out of Biloxi, Ms!!! from backwater to blue water we catch’m all!!!