Large Sharks attack WhipperSnappers off Biloxi, MS Coast

Mr. Reeves from Brandon, Ms. called on the WHIPASNAPA this week. Capt. I got a couple
whippersnappers that want to pick a fight with a few sharks. Think we can? Why sure! Probably
need to start lil early cause battling Mr. Shark mid day in this heat could be dangerous.
We started out at dawn. Stopped at bridge for about hour, where Mrs. Reeves landed
her a nice red. They also landed some trout, drum, croakers. Then we ran to the reef outside
Deer Island where a good bite on white trout and ground mullet was on. Them ground mullet
fight good, taste good and make a excellent bait also, especially for the shark and big reds. Got
enough for couple good fry’s and a few extras for bait and moved on to do the shark thing.
About 20 min’s. or so on the chomper and things started happening. The 1st few were the
Atlantic sharpnose which excited them pretty good. But we needed some a lil bigger. About an
hour had passed when got a couple them alarming clicker runs, where you know its something
big, but no connection. Then finally the fight was on. And it was a good one. Oh Yea! now that’s
what we looking for . Before we could land that one another rod went off and yes we have
ourselves another fight on and just about time we thought had everything under control yet
another one went off. And this is where things started to get a lil hairy, cause Mr. Garrett the
youngest whipper grabbed it and didn’t take long and in come the white towel. Man this just a lil
much for me. Finally got the first one in and Taylor had to go straight into another very intense
battle. All 3 sharks (70 to 90lbs) eventually winded up in the bottom of the WHIPASNAPA
awaiting their ride to shore and their place on the grill. Mr. Taylor says marinade that SHARK in
Italian dressing and red wine vinegret over night and yum yum yum!
Thanks to all great time: never thought would just be reporting on 1 or 2 trips a week in
mid June. But canceled 4 offshore trips so felt pretty good to pick up couple. Run some
surveyors out to Horn Island.
Come on down keep this Capt. boating. Ain’t to pretty but we sure looking good!
Capt Robert McDaniel