Large Spawning Cobia and New York Campers invade Horn Island……

Well, another successful week aboard the Biloxi, Ms Charter Boat Whipasnapa. Started out with a late evening chumming trip that produced some really exciting shark battles and a very nice Bull Red. Man, some really big spinner shark out there right now. These fellows put on quite a show when hooked. Pretty good test on the equipment also. Mad rampant runs in all directions, jumping and spinning out of the water, alot of times when jumping and spinning they get wrapped in the line! And even with a wire leader they will roll over the main line and there sandpaper like skin will cut the line. Team Fordt did manage to get a few into the boat and forwarded to the grill.
Few nice reds, some rays and a few really nice cobia, have made for some pretty steady action on the chumming trips. Of course, yours truly after a drop off at the island, I went out an scored the biggest cobia of the 2011 spawning season to date. (a nice 50lber)… Most of the week and weekend was tied up with a bunch of campers (some of which were on a senior trip from New York), the Whipasnapa just does it all. Transported the young an vibrant
whippersnappers out to Horn Island for a couple day retreat(How fun!!!) It’s one of the most beautiful, secluded an relaxing Islands we have.
But, after a day or two, extreme sun, salty water an miles of sand, the need for a good o’l shower and a hot meal is well in their words priceless.
No light tackle this week, but me and the CEO of this multi million dolla operation went out on a lil Back Bay excursion to get all croakered up. And she caught a lil supper, had a few sho nuff line stretchers but they both eluded the capture. Of course not to be denied I hooked up on one these drag rippers also. Let me show you how to do this SWEETIE.. sad but true mine eluded capture also.. Was either a couple big Reds or some really big Black Drums. Must have 200 croakers thou ready for ya…Everything likes the croaker..
Looks like fishing, camping an just some good ol boating is in full swing down here in South Mississippi!!! Beautiful weather, calm seas, nice clear water, big o’l mean hungry fish>>>so come on down do your boating excursion with Whipasnapa Charters!!!! We Thanks Ya’ll
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel