Large Variety of Fish Pulling dem Strings!!

Well, let’s just start out sayin its been a lil breezy at times down here in South Ms.. But the Whipasnapa Charter Boat is steadily rising to the challenge.
A couple offshore voyages were cut short due to a lil excessive chumming, but in the short times out it didn’t take long to hook up on several huge red snapper(20+lb). The BIG o’l SOWS have pulled da strings consistently. Pull they do, can’t wait till June so we can start keeping a few. But for the box was triggers, shark, and a few small cobia along with a few nice bull reds.
Inshore the puppy drum (aka blackdrum) have really been hot the 4 to 6lb range which are just right for some table fare and excellent lil string pullers themselves. A large variety of fish are starting to hit the box of the Whipasnapa, well the deck I should say, most have been fly in trips so not keepin much. Some took a few over to the diner.. An did clean a few for some less fortunate folks that hang around the dock… The lil 4hr inshore trips have been netting 20sh blackdrum, some flounder, nice white trout, few specks, large gaftops have been falling victim to the Snapa crews also. Ground mullet and of course that obnoxious lil pain in the rump croaker. Which eat as good as the rest….. should give’em a try.
Several good trips with some absolutely wonderful fisher peeps, Love this way of life!!!! The winds should start to lay and the good times will definitely continue to roll. God willing!!!
Moan down to Biloxi, MS where the WhipaSnapa awaits>>>. lets go get’em!!!
Thanks to all!!!
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel