Let’s Go Fishing!!!

Well, hope everyone had a very joyous an blessed Holiday season. Now all (BS) aside Let’s Go Fishing!!!!! The WhipaSnapa Charter Boat awaits. Very rested and Very ready to go get’em!!

Sheepshead, drum(red and black) with an occasional flounder still dominates the catch this time of year. They have been very steady, bait shops have kept us supplied regularly with nice live shrimp, that really helps up the tally.

The A,B,C gang of Peterson’s fished Friday with a couple buckets full of the hard fightin, great tastin, hard to clean, drag rippin, smile gettin, sheepsheads over the side of that darn ol’ WhipaSnapa.

Beautiful spring-like weather has made the trips very enjoyable, dipping the live shrimp down the side of the bridge was sure to get engulfed by something that stretched the string and made the drag sing. And that always gets the same reaction, a great big ol smile. Which makes this Captain very glad to be back on the water again servin’em up!

Shane, Barry and Tim fished Monday, from Huntsville,Al., the Alabama gang struggled some at first but managed to get the hang of it. They tried setting the hook from the toes or something. But stayed patient an positive an managed to pull out a couple dozen nice sheepshead an a nice Blackdrum. They choose to take a couple of the filets up the road to one of the local restaurants for lunch, while I cleaned up the rest . They seemed to have enjoyed eatin’em as well as catching’em (Good eats)!!!

So moan down the weather’s been warm an so has the WhipaSnapa!!! Come see what adventure awaits you!!

Many thanks to all and God Bless!!!!

Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel