Light tackle Fishing, Reds, Sheepshead, Black drum, ETC…

That darn o’l WHIPASNAPA CHARTER BOAT has taken a large variety of guest (friends) on some
great light tackle trips last few days. Guest have come from, Illinois, Ohio, S. Carolina, Louisiana,
and others. Have consisted of doctors, lawyers, pilots, chemist, computer techs, engineers and
many others. And we have caught just about everything that swims, mostly black drum, strong
sheepshead bite also, trout and ground mullet, reds just to name a few. Three very good trips!!
As everyone knows it takes good karma and a few other things to make a trip a lil more
memorable. And on these 3 everything just seem to click.. We were fishing just fresh dead
(SHRIMP) and a few on live shrimp and minnows (peter mullet and small croaker), slow dragging
across the bottom in numerous spots along the Back Bay of Biloxi! Lots of hard fighting drag
ripping make ya slap your grand maw runs, lead to some great excitement.
Mostly catch and release, but the avg. were 6‐12 sheepshead 3‐6lb, 15‐25 black drum 4‐8lb,
couple flounder, reds, specks, (white trout and ground mullet) were thick but we were looking
for lil more fight.
I, CAPTAIN; Robert “Earl” McDaniel, would like to thank everyone that trust in the WHIPASNAPA
CHARTER BOAT AND IT’S CAPTAIN for there outings into the Gulf of Mexico. It is an honor and a
blessing to be able to take so many great people on these great boating adventures.
Thanks everyone for helping out and being patient with fish and capt. sometimes it was a very
trying year with the spill and all but hey, soon as we got waters opened back up. Folks jumped
right back on and the fishing this year has really been extraordinary!!! So have our guest!! And I
believe we gona come out pretty good considering. Right now from my eyes it looks ‐goodgreat!
Fish, water and all looks very good. So look forward to seeing each of our friends with
some of their friends back for more WHIPASNAPA adventures next year!!
Have a great Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a very blessed and Happy New Year!!!!
See Ya’ll 2011
Capt Robert “Earl” McDaniel