Major Fish Kill in Biloxi, MS

That darn Whipasnapa Charter Boat’s to Blame!!
Run Wed., Thurs., Fri., and Sat., all short trips with young kids, 3 to 4 hour trips. Really a
strong bite all week mostly all ground mullet, white trout and pretty darn good size. A few small
white trout, but most were really nice. The ground mullet were very fat. We got about 50 to 60
each trip (some a few more ground mullet than white trout, some a few more white trout than
ground mullet.)
Wednesday, had 3 flounders as a bonus. Thursday, had a few speckle trout and Friday had a
few large black drum as a bonus, for Saturday it was the sting rays.
Going to try and get on some more of them specks this week, got some really nice croakers
put up.
Pecan trees are budding and the hardheads are here so you know what that means!? COBIA
ARE HERE!!! Got an offshore Wednesday and Thursday should produce a brown fish.
Still need a couple of people for the “put together offshore trip” 2 on list need 2 more.
Anybody interested give us a shout.
Got some good chum and bait put up for the chumming trip so let’s go get’um!
Capt Robert McDaniel